Madeleine Albright: ‘Putin is an evil man’

Madeleine Albright, in a recent interview she gave to Austrian newspaper called Russian president Vladimir Putin “a smart but a truly evil man.” She claimed that Putin is trying his best to destroy European Union and NATO, two of Israel’s allies.

He is smart but truly an evil man. An officer of KGB, who wants to exercise power and believes that every body has come together to conspire against Russia. This is not true. Putin is playing bad cards well, for the time being at least. I believe his goal is to undermine and split EU. He want NATO to disappear from his sphere of influence,” She said.

Albright also claimed that Putin’s recent military adventure in Syria was to divert the US-EU attention from Ukraine. She claimed that United States has no problem with Russia until as long as Russia refrains from occupying other countries like Crimea.

As I posted earlier, Putin’s military adventure into Syria after waiting on the sidelines for over three-and-half year, had nothing to do with saving Christian minority in Syria but like the US to protect Israel from Iranian influence in the region. Russian airstrikes forced Washington to come on equal terms to resolve Syrian crisis on the basis of their mutual interests.

Albright then made a joke about Russia’s military strength by saying: “Russia is merely a Bangladesh with missiles.”

Madeleine Albright, 78, the first Jewish US secretary of state is well-known for her hatred of Arabs. In May 1996, in an interview with 60 Minutes, Albright, then Clinton’s ambassador at United Nations, told Leslie Rene Stahl (Jewish) that murdering 500,000 Iraqi children was worth removing Saddam Hussein threat to Israel.


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