India: How to protect Hindu girls from Muslims

zionism[1]On April 21, 2016, Narendra Modi’s home Minster Giriraj Singh, BJP member from Nawada, repeated his hatred towards country’s 150 million Muslims.

Speaking at a Hindu cultural function in West Champaran district in Bihar state. Singh told the Hindutva sheep that a two-child policy must be implemented on Muslim families to protect the Hindu girls. He claimed that there are seven districts in the state where Hindu population had gone down in recent years. Here he was referring to districts such as Araria where Indus and Dalit are converting to Islam at an alarming speed.

In order to make his bigotry more attractive, he claimed that when a Hindu girls marry a Muslim, she is forced to wear Hijab like women in Pakistan.

I wonder if Giriraj Singh knows that India’s three ‘First Ladies’, wives of presidents Dr. Zakir Hussein, Fakharudin Ali Ahmad, and Dr. Abdul Kalam, the Father of India’s Nuclear Bomb, never wore Hijab.

Singh also suggested that those Muslims who refuse to practice the ‘two-child’ policy – their voting rights must be revoked.

Giriraj is well-known for his Hindu hatred of Muslims. In 2014, he had asked all those critical of Narendra Modi to go to Pakistan.

In fact, Pakistan could be the only Muslim-majority country that gives so much freedom to its women to dress up as they want, especially in the big cities, claims Ishrat Ansari, who lived and studied in Scotland.

This could be Singh’s new version of Love Jihad myth spread by anti-Muslim Hindu extremists. The Hindu conspiracy claims that Indian Muslims seduce ‘naïve’ Hindu girls into marriage, thereby converting them to Islam. Interestingly, all the Bollywood ‘Khans’ have Hindu wives and none of them has converted to Islam so far.

I suggest, to solve his ‘Hindu girls problem’, he should follow Israel’s ‘Jewish only’ policy and strip Hindu girl off ‘Indian nationality’ if she dare to marry a Muslim.

In October 2015, Muslims were barred to attend Gujarat Hindu ‘Garba’ festival to protect Hindu girls falling in love with Muslims.

In February 2016, Aligarh Mayor Shakuntala Bharti, a member of Modi’s BJP party said that she would use her official position to protect Holy Cow and Hindu women from Muslims. “My work has two main focus areas. One is to protect cows from being slaughtered and the other is to protect Hindu girls from ‘love jihad’,” she said.


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