UK: Jews against first Muslim NUS President

On Wednesday, UK’s National Union of Students (NUS) elected Malia Bouattia  as its new president. She won the election on the first round of voting with 372 votes, beating outgoing pro-Israel president Megan Dunn who had 328 votes.

Jewish student leaders ran a vicious campaign against Malia Bouattia , labeling her an ‘antisemite’ for her criticism of Israel and Zionism.

UK’s top Israeli propaganda outlet, Jewish Chronicle, called Ms Bouattia, “a symbolic of the poison of regressive Left.”

When we talk about liberation, it is just about women, Black, LGBT, or disabled students – it’s about all of us,” Bouattia said in her election speech at the NUS conference. It’s was applauded as part of ‘Jewish values’, but then she made political wrong remarks (listen to her statements below).

Bouattia’s election has shocked Rupert Murdoch media. It is accusing her of all the so-called ‘anti-Jew and Anti-Israel conspiracy theories’, which were used against George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn in the past.

Bouattia is blamed for authoring an antisemite article saying that UK’s media is lead by Zionists and that pro-Israel groups control most of UK campuses. As expected, her accusers didn’t mention Jewish student Daniel Lindley who co-authored the article on March 28, 2011 as part of Apartheid Week.

In April 2015, Israeli ambassador with the help of British Jewish Lobby got cancelled a conference at Southampton University. Ironically, the conference to discuss International Law and State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism was sponsored by Israeli-born Jewish professor Oren Ben-Dor, and speakers included American Jewish professor Richard Falk.

Bouattia is also accused of rejecting a motion legalizing the US-Israel created ISIS as an Islamic terrorist group.

In a 2014 video (Below) Bouattia rightfully said Israeli actions had proved that Palestinians would never get peaceful co-existence with the Zionist entity.

Malia Bouattia’s parents immigrated from Algeria to escape government war on Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) party after their landslide election victory in 1991. The military crackdown assisted by French and Israeli governments resulted in the death of more than 75,000 Algerians.


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