Swedish minister quits over equating Israel with Nazis

startbig-aspx_[1]On Monday, Mehmet Guner Kaplan, Swedish housing minister resigned over comparing Israeli treatment of Palestinians with Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews.

Swedish prime minister Swedish Stefan Löfven confirmed in Stockholm on Monday that he had received and accepted Kaplan’s resignation over his remarks made in 2009.

Kaplan is also accused of being sympathetic towards anti-Israel Turkish Humanitarian Foundation (IHH) that sponsored Mavi Marmara aid flotilla in 2010 to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Israeli commandos raided and captured the flotilla while killing 20 aid workers including nine Turks. Later, Tel Aviv asked Washington to classify IHH as a terrorist organization.

Historically, Kaplan was wrong comparing Jewish army with Nazis. Hitler’s army had nearly 150,000 German Jews who killed millions of Christians, Gypsies and Jews for political and not for religious reasons. Canadian Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut claims Frankist Jews committed Holocaust. Contrary to that there is no native Palestinian in Israel Occupation Force (IOF).

Swedish prime minister Swedish Stefan Löfven, who like most of European politicians, is controlled by powerful Jewish lobby groups, is proud to tell Jewish leaders that studying the Six Million Died is compulsory at country’s public schools. In 2012, he visited Israel’s official Yad Vashem, built over an old Muslim cemetery in 1953. On January 27, 2016, Löfven was keynote speaker at Holocaust Day at Malmo synagogue.

Kaplan was ten-year-old when he arrived in Sweden with his parents from Turkey. His family name ‘Kaplan’ shows that his parents were Jewish. He is a prominent politician representing 100,000 Turks amongst 350,000 Muslim population of the country. Kaplan join the government as Green party’s MP.

Last year, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called upon Stefan Löfven to fire his foreign minister Margot Wallstrom over calling Israel’s killing of Palestinian youth as extrajudicial executions.

“I disagree with her (Wallstrom) when she says last week San Bernardino, or the terror attack in Paris, when police killed the terrorist, that these were extrajudicial executions, as she said about Israel,” Netanyahu told Stefan Löfven on phone.

In 2015, Paris-based European Jewish Council condemned Sweden’s top media outlet TV4 for describing antisemitism as simply a “different opinion”.

In October 2015, two members of the Swedish parliament, who attended a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Malmö, were condemned by city’s 20,000-strong Jewish community.

On September 19, 2014, the Jew York Times, warned Stockholm over accepting Syrian refugees as that would fuel more hatred towards Israel in the country.

Lasse Wilhelmson is Sweden’s well-known writer, author, blogger and political activist. He is son of a Swedish Jewish mother and non-Jewish father. He describes himself: “As the oldest child, I was the only one that worried about my Jewishness, and this led to me spending several years in Israel at the beginning of the sixties, but also to my involvement in the Palestinian question later in life. Due to my experiences, I eventually chose not to identify myself as a Jew at all. I was also liberated from a mind encumbered with Marxist thinking as the two are linked. I now had the opportunity to view religions and ideologies in a more independent and traditionally humanitarian way (here).


One response to “Swedish minister quits over equating Israel with Nazis

  1. In Swedish media, Mr Kaplan’s participation in the IHH Flotilla in 2010 (“Ship to Gaza”) has been played down. Mr Kaplan’s own experience of IDF brutality, on international waters, certainly contributed to his remark comparing Zionist cruelty to Nazi ditto. At the time, Mr Kaplan was Swedish MP for Green Party; in a chamber discussion on the matter, he read the whole Israeli list comprising “Forbidden goods”, i.e. items which the Zionists had barred from entering Gaza, from cement down to coriander (!)

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