London Mayoral election and UK’s ‘Muslim Problem’

rothschild+pig[1]London’s one million Muslims, out of UK’s three million Muslim population, have become a burning issue for the two pro-Israel Mayoral candidates; ruling Tory party’s Jewish-millionaire Frank Zacharias Robin Goldsmith, former brother-in-law of former captain of Pakistan cricket team turned politician Imran Khan, and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party’s Pakistan-born Crypto-Muslim Sadiq Khan.

It seems, Goldsmith is running behind Khan within London’s Jewish community. Even after his ‘song and dance’ ritual, Corbyn is still hated by the Jewish lobby. On the weekend, Danny Cohen, ex-BBC boss claimed that British Jews voting for Jeremy Corbyn would be like American Muslims (6-7 million) voting for anti-Islam Donald Trump.

The Organized Jewry is known for its short memory when it serves Israel’s interests. For example, it refuses to forgive Jeremy Corbyn who claimed to have Jewish family roots – but supports Sadiq Khan even though he sponsored Corbyn for Labour Party leadership, but now claims that so-called ‘antisemitism’ is rampant within the party.

On January 4, 2016, James Kirkup, UK’s Telegraph executive editor, bet £50 that Sadiq Khan will be next Mayor of London. He said that Khan’s becoming first Muslim Mayor of London would provide a good PR for UK’s religious tolerance (even though, Muslims are always blamed for Israeli Mossad terrorism, such as London bombing) , and his election would be a striking statement in context of current anti-Muslim propaganda in the West.

Many western journalists and authors have claimed that pro-Israel lobby groups create and fund Islamophobia.

Even if elected, Sadiq Khan will not be the first Muslim Mayor of London as that title was long earned by former London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

As favourite to be London’s first Muslim Mayor, Khan understandably curried favour with London’s important 160,000 Jewish community regularly attending Synagogue events, wearing a kippah and breaking bread with various Rabbis in London. He bent over backwards, again perfectly properly, to be inclusive even when it became slightly surreal when he claimed his favorite restaurant in London was an Israeli owned one ( and his favorite building was the Hindu Temple in London’s Neasden). You had to admire his chutzpah.

Recently, to please his Jewish-backers, Khan entered into Hijab controversy which prime minister David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Zach Goldsmith or George Galloway have never used to demonize Muslims and Islam to please anti-Muslim vote-bank. On April 15, 2016, third Mayoral candidate, former MP George Galloway responded to Khan’s attack on Hijab under title, Dog whistling on the Hijab.


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