Jew author: Everything bad comes from Christianity!

American author and anti-racism activist Paul Kivel (his grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Poland and Russia) spoke at this weekend’s 2016 White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia. He is also co-founder of Oakland Men’s Project, and director of the Christian Hegemony Project.

Blake Neff reporter with Jew Koch’s Cato Institute funded Daily Caller attended the conference. According to his report Paul Kivel said that “almost every dysfunction in society, from racism and sexism to global warming and a weak economy, is united by the ideology of “Christian hegemony.”

Maybe Kivel doesn’t know Christians learn most of those bad things from Jewish Bible’s (OT) books Deuteronomy, and Genesis.

In the United States, there’s seven to ten thousand predominantly White, Christian men who run major institutions in our society: the corporations, the political parties, the think tanks, the foundations, universities, and cultural institutions,” Kivel said.

I’m sure Kivel doesn’t seem dumb enough not to know that all his “Christian dominated entities” are run by Zionist Jews or controlled by the Jewish money especially the political parties, universities and think tanks.

Paul Kivel then described how Christianity was behind the three major problems modern world is facing; non-ending wars in the Middle East, weak economy, and the global warming.

Kivel tried his best not to tell the White Christian sheep about the Israel’s dirty hands behind wars in the Middle East or Jewish control over all major world financial institutions. On September 29, 2016, the Jewish News reported that global warming is a $22 billion Scam, propagated by Zionists like Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Oprah Winfrey, James Patterson, Rush Limbaugh, and hundreds more.

Paul Kivel in his 2013 book, Living in the Shadow of Cross said: “Although the word “Christian” connotes the epitome of goodness, the actual story is much more complex. Over the last two millennia, ruling elites have used Christian institutions and values to control those less privileged throughout the world. The doctrine of Christianity has been interpreted to justify the killing of millions, and its leaders have used their faith to sanction participation in colonialism, slavery, and genocide. In the Western world, Christian influence has inspired legislators to continue to limit women’s reproductive rights, and kept lesbians and gays on the margins of society.”

I loves the way Jewish and Christian Zionist leaders whine about discrimination against women in Islam while keeping their own religious and social anti-women racism under the carpet.

I wonder when Christians would learn that they have become Judas Goats to fight Muslims for Israel’s interests.


3 responses to “Jew author: Everything bad comes from Christianity!

  1. Mr. Kevel needs to read his history. Jew elite is the force for evil in the world. the force behind slavery- both European and African, the 2 world wars, the Morganthau plan that caused the deaths of millions of unarmed Germans, the Holodomr, the genocide of 30+orthodox Christians, the list goes on. one should read the jew talmud’s take on Christianity, and Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin then start connecting the dots.
    The international Jew elite/marxist/bolshevik is at war with the Aryan Christian. so far he has been very successful. Get off your knees, Christians.

  2. Actually, EVERYTHING bad comes from the JEWS. PERIOD.

  3. They do love to shift the blame onto the backs of their victims whilst proclaiming victim-hood for themselves…. I believe they call it many things including projectionism….
    Mr, Kevel needs to spend a little time studying the work of Juri Lina

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