Dalit riots in Modi’s Gujarat

india[2]It’s interesting that Gujarat Dalit community that helped state chief minister Narendra Modi’s BJP government in 2002 in killing nearly 5,000 Muslim men, women and children, is now running a mass protest demanding equal rights with other Hindu castes in the state.

State police fired tear gas, deployed water cannon and staged baton charges against protesters. The local administrator imposed a curfew in Mehsana. Across the state more than 400 protesters were detained (here).

Hindu Dalit make 17% of Indian population and 14% of 66 million Gujarat population. Gujarat’s Muslim population stands at 9.7% while Christian population at 0.5%.

Dalit (Untouchables) are the most hated and marginalized 240 million people based on Hindu Caste System. Their situation became worse once they convert to Islam.

The Hindu extremist parties like BJP, VHP, RSS, and even Congress have used anti-Muslim riots for their political gains.

In January 2016, Shripal Sabnis, a Marathi political leader and author claimed that Muslims and Dalit communities cannot expect state protection based on Modi’s past actions. He said Modi cannot apologize to Muslims over Gujarat massacre because he was afraid to lose Hindu vote-bank.

Some of these Hindutva leaders reminds me of the bigotry of Zionist Jewish leaders who love to through their own religious and cultural thrash on to Muslims. For example, on the weekend, Sakshi Maharaj, a BJP leader and lawmaker, asked Indian courts to force Muslims to allow their women into mosques as Hindu women are allowed in temples. The idiot doesn’t know that Muslim women have been praying in mosques and in Ka’aba for the last 1400 years, while there are over 34 million Hindu widows in India alone who are going through a life worse than Dalit.

Young half-naked Hindu girls performing dance in temples to please gods is customary in Hindu religion since the day one. Like Catholic nuns, these girls are known a temple slaves, open for sexual exploitation by the high priests.


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