S. African kosher leader: Whites people are ‘cry babies’

On Saturday, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party leader Julius Malema said: “President Jacob Zuma is not our enemy, but he is in the way of the party and the nation achieving its goal.”

The whites are the ones who committed black genocide. White people must stop being cry-babies and they must take responsibility,” he said.

White people are going to return our land the same way Zuma will return our money. White people must never think we have abandoned the land question. We will never abandon it. We are the land, our identity is our land. We are nothing without our land,” Malema said.

White monopoly capital is the primary enemy of the EFF. Who is white monopoly capital? It is the Rupert, the Oppenheimer, and all those who benefited illegally from our land. This land is going to be returned, whether you like or not. There is no white man who came with a piece of land,” Malema said.

I can understand Malema and other S. African leaders’ frustration that even after the fall of the apartheid regime – the Zionist Jews and Christian Afrikaans still have monopoly over country’s land, finance and the mainstream press. However, the two names he mentioned above – billionaire Johann Rupert (German of Jewish descent) is a ‘Judas goat’ of Jewish OppenheimerRothschild.

So why Malema avoids to mention the 500-pound gorilla behind the curtain? It’s reported that EFF is funded by pro-Israel Jewish oligarch Nathan Kirsh ($3.8 billion, Forbes 2015) to undermine ANC .

Julius Malema is a former president of ANC youth-wing. He was known for his anti-White racism which blocked his rise in the ANC after the demise of the apartheid S. Africa. His anti-White rhetoric attracted pro-Israel Jewish groups which convinced Malema that he had no future in the ANC, and thus should start a new party to challenge ANC. Many top ANC leaders like Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu and the young Muslim Mandela were supporters of Palestinian cause and admirers of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

In 2014, addressing Jewish Student Union meeting Julius Malema called Jews ‘heroes’ in the struggle against apartheid and said Blacks will take back their land as Jews did in Palestine.

Michael Hoffman II, a Holocaust revisionist and an author of several books on Judaism, claims that ANC itself was a Jewish-Communist front. He says that ANC was guided by two communist Jew, Albie Sachs and Yossel Mashel Slovo.


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