Israel’s military hero: A rapist

original[1]Israeli military hero, Maj. Gen. Rehavam Zeevi, former tourism minister and a rabid anti-Muslim Russian Jew, was accused of rape and sexual abuse by Channel 2’s investigative journalist program Uvda earlier this week – reported by JTA on April 15, 2016.

In addition Uvda also accused Zeevi of collaborating with a Jewish crime boss, Tuvia Oshri, to set off an explosive device in 1974 outside the home of Silvia Keshet, a Jewish investigative journalist who wrote critically about Zeevi. Naturally, no one was convicted of the crime.

Following the airing of the documentary, the chairperson of the Meretz party, Zehava Gal-On said her party will work to cancel the annual memorial day that the Knesset, inaugurated in 2005 in Zeevi’s memory.

Shelly Yachimovich, a Zionisrt Camp lawmaker who used to head the Labor party, supported the initiative on Twitter. Zeevi, she wrote, “is dead but his victims live on, scarred, as their daughters and granddaughter study his horrific legacy.”

Ayman Odeh, leader of the the Joint Arab List party, linked the sexual offenses attributed to Zeevi to his political views. “It is unsurprising to discover that a person who supported the transfer of a civilian population also assaulted women and persecuted journalists. Those who saw no shame in commemorating him earlier should not find it anymore shameful to do so now,” he wrote on Twitter.

On October 17, 2001, Zeevi a former member of Jewish terrorist militia Palmach and a mass-murder was killed by a member of a Palestinian resistance group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in retaliation to assassination of PFLP secretary-general Abu Ali Mustafa.

Rehavam Zeevi, a close associate of former prime minister Gen. Yitzhak Robin and Gen. Moshe Dayan, was a platoon commander during the Six Day War in 1967, when the Jewish army captured Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem under Jordanian control since 1950s. After the capture of Palestinian territories, Zeevi urged the Israeli government to establish a ‘toothless’ Palestinian proxy ‘Ishmalite state’ with Nablus as its capital.

Zeevi was the brain behind the Israeli military elite group ‘Mexicans’ lead by Lt.Yaakov (Jack) Elazari that built the Singapore Armed Forces. Zeevi even named his first-born after his Jewish terrorist militia Palmach.

Now, you know why Benjamin Netanyahu called Israeli forces, world’s most moral army.


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