$34.5 billion lawsuit against US Jewish Oligarchs

Israeli_Violations[1]A group of Palestinians affected by Zionist regime’s activities have filed a $34.5 billion lawsuit against US Jewish Oligarchs, Jewish charities, and pro-Israel Christian groups supporting West Bank illegal Jewish settlements. The lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court of Columbia in the United States. The lawsuit was filed by Washington-based law firm Martin McMahon and Associates (here).

The plaintiffs include Susan Abulhawa, a prominent American Palestinian writer, author, human rights activist, and blogger – Bassim Tamimi, who has been incarcerated and tortured numerous times by the Israeli security thugs for staging peaceful weekly protests.

According to a statement issued by the law firm, the lawsuit is against construction companies, security firms, real estate agencies and private banks involved in supporting the growth of Israeli settlements in the Jewish occupied West Bank.

The case will also include Palestinians subjected to Israeli attacks which resulted in the loss of life, property and agricultural land in Palestinian Authority controlled areas.

The defendants include prominent pro-settlement Jewish oligarchs such as casino tycoon and political donor Sheldon Adelson, bingo tycoon Irving Moskowitz, and evangelic pastor John Hagee, and the US tax exempt charities like Christian Friends of Israeli Communities and Friends of the Israeli Army.

The ethnic-cleansing of native Palestinians and Arabs has been a form of a religious duty for the Zionist Jews occupying Palestine even before the creation of state of Israel by the western powers. This belief is constantly corroborated by the country’s high spiritual institutions, similar to the recent decree issued by the country’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef. While 94% of ultra-Orthodox agree with the murder edict of Yosef – 52% of the country’s secularists do, too.

Personally, I think the lawsuit is an admirable act, but to expect some justice from US judicial system controlled by Zionist Jews and Christians is like expecting a Muslim judge nominated to US Supreme Court. These Jewish oligarchs have huge political bribery records, and none of them is like Jewish attorney Stanley Cohen, one of the most hated American Jews by the Organized Jewry.


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