India: No woman in Temple, please!

On April 11, 2016, India’s Supreme Court in a landmark ruling questioned gender restriction at Shani Shingrapur temple in Mumbai.

Anyone can worship a God or Goddess. You have structured God into an idol although he is omnipresent. Can you say don’t come because you are a woman?” ruled Supreme Court bench on April 11, 2016.

Hindu religious leader Shankaracharya Swaroopanand slammed the management of the Shani Shingrapur temple for obeying the court order and opening the temple to female devotees for the first time. He said that their action will increase rapes. For centuries only male devotees were allowed to enter the temple.

The senior priests at the Sabarimala temple have criticized court’s ruling saying that decision of the priests was final in religious matters.

Hinduism is world’s most anti-female religion, followed by Judaism and Christianity.

In Judaism, disobeying rabbis is considered a major sin. “Whosoever, disobeys a ribbi, will burn in hell-fire forever,” says Jewish Holy Talmud. According to Torah (Bavli Megilah 23a) a Jewish woman is not obligated to study Torah therefore, they’re not allowed to recite Torah in public because of kevod tzibbur (in disrespect to the divine message and congregation).

At Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, Jewish women are not allowed to enter the area where Jewish men were praying.

In several Jewish sects, women are allowed to enter synagogue as long as they stay separated from men worshippers in the synagogue. Similar gender segregation is practiced in most churches and mosques.

Last year, Catholic Church claimed that numbers of Nuns fell from one million in 1973 down to 710,000 in 2013. According to several sources, nearly 40% of these Nuns have been sexually abused by priests and church male officials.

Canadian, professor Julie Macfarlane (University of Windsor, Ontario), claims that at age 18, she provided oral sex to her priest who told her that’s commanded by Bible.

Unlike Judo-Christian traditions, performing five-times daily prayers in mosque is an option for Muslim women, while mandatory for Muslim men. She is also exempted to say daily prayers during her monthly period. She is, however, commanded to perform Hajj once in her lifetime. During Hajj rituals, there is no gender separation.


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