From child killer to Israeli ambassador

goebbels%2520speech%25202[1]In April 2016, Australian-born Mark Regev, 56, became Zionist entity’s new ambassador in London. From 2007 to 2015 he had been chief propagandist for prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mark immigrated to Israel after completing his education in 1980s. He lived in an illegal Jewish kibbutz built on land stolen from Palestinian Muslims, for several years where he upgraded his German family surname from Freiberg to Regeve (meaning ‘small piece of land’ in Hebrew).

Usually, when you see me, it’s bad news,” mark boasted once.

Mark Regev was the Zionist regime’s spokesperson who justified Israel’s killing of four children at Gaza beach, and more than 527 children during its 50-day invasion of Gaza Strip in 2014.

Mark Regev also justified Jewish commando’s attack on Turkish aid flotilla Mavi Marmara in international waters on May 31, 2010. The commandos murdered 20 unarmed peace activists and journalists. However, Regev only acknowledged death of nine Turkish nationals whose bodies were handed over to Ankara’s embassy in Tel Aviv.

During Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in Summer 2006, Israeli jets attacked UN post in Southern Lebanon killing four peace-keepers. Mark Regev defended the bombing while blaming Hizbullah for stating the war. However, after 34-day carpet-bombing of Lebanese towns and cities – Israel ran to UNSC with tail between its legs to force a cease-fire.

Let’s wait and see if Mark Regev is morally better than his predecessor Daniel Taub (2011-2015). On February 3, 2016, American Jewish website, Tikun Olam reported that “the Israeli ambassador cheated on his wife with men and boys–inside the ambassador’s residence!”

Watch below, Israeli Joseph Goebbels’ great performance as a sadistic Jew propagandist.


4 responses to “From child killer to Israeli ambassador

  1. They really don’t try very hard to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes any longer. Appointing an international liar, known as such, to such an important position is more hubris. They really don’t care what anyone else thinks or feels about anything. Never have, never will. Britain is truly occupied territory.

  2. Lies and again lies. It is called Israel and the child killers are the Arabs mistakenly called palestinians, in short fakestinians.

    • Darling you forgot to introduce yourself. Are you daughter of former Jewish Mayor of York, Pennsylvania, John Brenner? If you’re – then I can understand your inborn Talmudic hatred towards Palestinians, Arabs and Christians. However, could you explain who were accused of BLOOD LIBEL; Jews or Palestinians?

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