Canadian PM apologizes to Sikh community

image034[1]On Monday, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced that he will offer an official apologize to country’s Sikh community in the House of Commons on May 18 almost 102 years of Komagata Maru affair, where Ottawa turned away a Japanese ship carrying 376 asylum-seekers from British occupied India (340 Sikhs, 24 Muslims and 12 Hindus) were denied entry to Canada under Canada’s colonial master Great Britain on May 23, 1914.

Trudeau made the announcement while attending Sikhism’s religious festival of Vaisakhi in Ottawa.

As a nation, we should never forget the prejudice Sikh community suffered at the hands of the Canadian government of the day. We should not – and we will not,” Said Trudeau.

When the Komagata Maru eventually arrived at the Baj Baj Ghat near Calcutta (India’s Bangladesh), 19 passengers were shot to death by British soldiers as ‘terrorists’, and others were put in jail for their anti-British activities.

The Sikh members of the Liberal Party have been demanding an official apology in the House of Commons ( parliament) since 2008. This year the Sikh community has more political muscles than ever – even more than the Jewish Lobby. Last year, 20 Sikhs were elected to the House of Commons. Four current Federal Ministers, including the defense minister Lt. Col. Harjit Sajjan are Sikhs. Sajjan, a decorated soldier, served under anti-Muslim US-NATO command in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Sajjan has asked to be released from the Canadian Armed Forces, but it has not yet been finalized.

The true face of Justin Trudeau behind hijab: “Israel is a friend, Israel is an ally, Israel is a country that has values and an approach on many, many issues that are much aligned with Canadian values,” Trudeau said during an interview with Paul Darlaston of Israeli mouthpiece Huffington Post (Canada), last month.


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