Pope Francis blesses homosexuality

PopeFrancis_zpsd8270548[1]On Friday, Francis, the kosher Pope, became the first head of Catholic Church to open St. Peter’s door to the LGBT community.

The 256-page document, entitled, The Joy of Love, released on Friday, Francis challenged centuries-old Vatican dogma that had condemned homosexuality as an ‘un-natural’ practice, and thus a sin. However, this document outlines a significant change in attitude towards Vatican’s stance on family matters including the same-sex marriage which have been declared kosher in 38 America’s states. On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage ‘constitutional’ in all 50 states.

Pope Francis urged priests around the world to be more accepting of gays, lesbian, divorcees, and other people, such as, prostitutes, womanizers, and the Christ-killers – cursed in the New Testament.

Christian historian E.H. Chamberlain in his 1969 book, The Bad Popes, describing several head of Catholic Church who were gays and womanizers themselves. Read more about ten worse Popes here.

In January 2016, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, born in to a German Jewish family, “apologized for the ‘hurt and pain’ the Anglican Church has inflicted on lesbian, gays and transgender people,” (The Guardian, January 15, 2016).

After two major Christian denominations conquered, Ayatullahs are the only one left in the way of this Jewish value. Thus the West needs to bring a regime change in Tehran.

Holy Qur’an, being the final version of all the earlier Divine Revelations; to prophets Adam, Abraham, Yusuf, Moses, David and Jesus, forbids gay and lesbian activities as ‘un-natural acts’- thus an unwanted act. Holy Qur’an describes the story of prophet Lot’s people who indulged in LGBT activities. Lot warned the people about their cursed activities but they laughed. Allah punished the people by turning their town upside down by creating a huge earthquake.

According to some Islamic scholars, the Dead Sea is the reminder of Allah’s punishment for the generations to come. However, Dead Sea turned out to be a gold mine for the Zionist entity tourism and mineral extraction industry.

In 2004, Canadian Jew gay blogger, Simon Jones, in an article claimed that Islamic rulings are more tolerant toward gays than Judaism and Christianity.


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