UK’s councillor resigns over wishing a nuclear Iran

 Aysegul GurbuzAysegul Gurbuz, 20, a Muslim student (University of Warwick) was elected as Luton Borough Council youngest councilor last year. On the weekend, she was suspended by the Israel-hating Jeremy Corbyn’s  Labour party over making political wrong statements about Israel, Hitler and the Jewish power in the West on her joint Twitter account shared by her sister.

Today, BBC reported that Aysegul Gurbuz opted for an honorable exit and resigned from the party instead of being part of a political system controlled by 0.002% of country’s population. Congratulations dear.

Interestingly, all the so-called ‘antisemitic’ statements she was accused of – were dated October 2011 and July 2014 – before she was elected municipal councilor on Labour ticket.

UK’s Holocaust Watchdog (Campaign Against Antisemitism) had accused her of suggesting that Iran could develop a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the map. The CAA had honored some of my postings in the past.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had assured the Labour Friends of Israel that whosoever makes anti-Israel or anti-Holocaust remarks is auto-excluded from the party, pending an inquiry.

The CAA in a statement said: “Not only the tweet glorify Hitler, they also express hope that Iran will wipe out another six million Jews in Israel with a nuclear weapon.”

Any sensible dialogue with a Zionist profession liar is like talking to Hindu Holy Cow. According to Israeli daily Ha’aretz, there were six million Jews in Israel including the occupied West bank in 2015. The Iranian leaders are not warmongering as the Israeli leaders who are sitting of top of 240-400 nuclear bombs. So why Iranian would like to kill four million fellow Muslims still living in the occupied Palestine just to burn six million Israeli Jews?

UK’s all four major parties have record of suspending or firing their members who violate Jewish censorship. Since Jeremy Corbyn took over Labour party leadership, the party has broken all its previous records. However, the Organized Jewry has not declared him kosher as yet. For example, the Jewish Chronicle reported on April 10, 2016 that Michael Foster, whose family has donated over £400,000 to the party, had accused Jeremy Corbyn of hating Jews.

A Jewish polling group ICM revealed on April 11, that more than a third of the two million Muslims believe in the ‘conspiracy theories’ such as 9/11, 7/7, and that Jews carry immense political and financial power in Britain and the West – than the other non-Jewish British communities.

Naturally, the poll didn’t acknowledge that the Church of England is headed by a Crypto-Jew, Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury.


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