Israeli daily urges Obama to support Palestine state at UN

On Sunday, Israel’s English newspaper Ha’aretz with country’s largest readership in an editorial urged US president Barack Obama to support PA president Mahmoud Abbas‘ UN resolution no matter what Israeli prime minister Netanyahu says.

A veto of the latest resolution, which doesn’t include a single clause that contradicts US policy, would constitute a diplomatic and moral renunciation of the peace process,” said the editorial.

Ha’aretz editors praised Mahmoud Abbas, a double agent, who had been praised by both Shimon Peres and Pope Francis in the past (here, here) for pushing the resolution in an effort to avoid collapse of the Palestinian Authority (PA), which he continues heading even though his mandate expired in January 2009. He is supported by the US, EU and Israel because if PA collapse, Hamas will become the sole representative of nine million Palestinians.

In the past, several Arab sources had accused Mahmoud Abbas of having Iranian Baha’i family roots which Abbas denied.

Ha’aretz first reported on the resolution, saying the Palestinians want the UN Security Council to vote when Mahmoud Abbas is in New York on April 22 to attend the high-level ceremony where more than 130 countries are expected to sign the Climate agreement reached in Paris in December.

Netanyahu accused Abbas of avoiding direct negotiations, and Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon said the only way to promote negotiations must start with the Palestinians condemning terrorism and stopping the incitement.

Interestingly, UK’s veteran Jewish MP Sir Gerald Kaufman claims that Israeli security agencies fake ‘knife terror’ attacks and blame them on Palestinians.

On January 5, 2016, a paranoid Netanyahu told his security cabinet that it must work to prevent PA’s collapse.

We must prevent the Palestinian Authority from collapsing if possible, but at the same time, we must prepare in case it happened,” Ha’aretz quoted Netanyahu saying.

An finally, enjoy an interesting Zionists’ version why Jews who were treated like dogs for centuries by European Christians, had to treat Palestinians worse than Nazis? Because Muslims hate Jews and like to suck blood out of them.


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