French leader fined for denying ‘Gas Chambers’

Franceparousieover-blogfr2[2]On April 6, 2016, a court in Paris exposed the true face of  ‘freedom of speech’ in the Western nations. It fined Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder and former leader of country’s third largest political party, Front National, 30,000 euros (£24,000) for denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

The judges ordered their verdict to be published in three major newspapers (all owned by Zionist Jews) and said Le Pen must also pay €10,001 in damages to three Jewish charities that brought the case.

In April 2015, French Jewish Lobby CRIF took him to court for saying the Nazi gas chambers were a ‘detail’ of history.

Le Pen already has two civil court convictions for making the same comments about gas chambers. He first stated the view in 1987, and in later years repeated it in Germany and then in the European parliament.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, 87, said after hearing that a probe was being launched into his comments: “I thought millions of French people had demonstrated for freedom of opinion.”

I bet Le Pen is living in a ‘fool’s paradise’. The Western so-called ‘Freedom of Opinion’ is there to protect the ‘Liberal bigots’ who love to insult Islam and Muslims while afraid to look into their own Judo-Christian culture full of filth like pornography, rape, racism, drugs and women discrimination.

France is among the 15 European nations where questioning the Holocaust myth is a crime punishable with three years in jail or heavy fine or both.

In February 2016, Jean-Marie Le Pen irked the Organized Jewry by endorsing Donald Trump. He tweeted in French on February 27 that translates to: If I were American, I would vote for him – but God bless him.

Le Pen had questioned the Zionist narrative of the new Jewish religion, aka Holocaust. He was expelled last year from Front National by his own daughter Marine Le Pen, who heads the party now. She has a Jew boyfriend and under her leadership, the National Front is becoming quite popular among country’s Jewish community.

Marine Le Pen’s anti-Muslim rhetoric has made her darling of White Supremacists and the Zionist Jews. She is quoted saying that Muslims praying in streets remind her of German occupation.

In the past, Jean-Marie Le Pen rubbed the Jewish Lobby noses by calling Marshal Philippe Pétain, a French hero. Philippe Pétain at age 83 headed the Vichy government during German occupation (July 1940 to August 1944). Organized Jewry ran a vicious campaign against him for sending French Jews to gas chambers instead of deporting them to English-occupied Palestine. After the ‘liberation’ of France in September 1944, Philippe Pétain was sentenced to death for treason. However, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by Gen.  Charles de Gaulle. Marshal Philippe Pétain died of natural causes in jail on July 23, 1951.


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