Scotland has the ‘gayest parliament’ in the world

LGBT[1]On April 4, 2016, MSP Kezia Dugdale (Jewish), leader of the Scottish Labour Party announced in her column for the Daily Record that she is a lesbian. She also said, she is proud to be a member of world’s gayest parliament.

Ms Dugdale was praised by other political party LGBT leaders for her courage to come out of the closet.

Conservative party leader MSP Ruth Davidson (Zionist Jew), former BBC journalist, is also lesbian. UKIP Scotland’s MSP David Coburn is a gay. He is a blind supporter of the Zionist regime, but in 2014, he called gay marriage supporters Nazis. Green’s MSP Patrick Harvie is bisexual.

After winning support from opponents including Ms Davidson, Ms Dugdale said she was pleased with the “tremendous” backing she had received.

She wrote: “I’ve been bowled over by the tremendous support I’ve received this weekend after I decided to share with the world that I’m in love with a woman.”

The Scottish Parliament was once referred to as the rainbow parliament because of the kaleidoscope of party colours represented. Whilst the number of greens and socialists might have fallen back, the diversity of our parliament remains,” she added.

In fact it’s now considered the gayest parliament in the world,” she said.

David Cameron’s Scottish secretary David Mundell is also gay. He also boasts his Jewish family roots.

In case you don’t find that exciting – on February 20, 2016 Mark Lefty reported at UK’s daily Independent that the House of Commons was proud to have 32 lesbian, gay and MPs. Later on, the newspaper added two more names to the Organized Jewry’s ‘honor list’ – SNP’s business spokesperson Hannah Mary Bardell (Jewish), and Labour party’s shadow Welsh secretary Nina Griffith.

The longest serving gay in British House of Lords since 1998 is no other than Labour party’s multimillionaire Lord Waheed Alli, born to Guyanese immigrant parent. In 2010, he was joined by Tory lesbian Baroness Deborah Stedman-Scott (Jewish).

Professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York) is lesbian and author of 17 books. She claims LGBT is Jewish.


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