Poland changes Holocaust narrative!

Poles imbibes antisemitism with their mother’s milk, Zitzhak Shamir, former Israeli prime minister and member of Jewish terrorist militia Lehi, quoted by Vanessa Gera, AP, October 28, 2014.

On March 22, 2016, Vanessa Gera claimed at the Associated Press that the current Polish government of Law and Justice Party is planning to re-write WWII history by changing narratives of Communist occupation and the Holocaust.

The government’s strategy will include setting-up museum, film, public television and other tools to promote certain episodes in Poland’s history, like the anti-communist resistance after WWII. More controversial, though, are attempts to suppress discussion and research into painful topics like, primarily Polish violence against Jews during Nazi occupation,” Gera wrote.

The first plaque erected at Auschwitz in 1967 read: Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of Nazi murderers between the year 194 and 1945. In the 1990s, the text was revised to: For ever this place be a cry of despair and warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, and children from various countries of Europe – Auschwitz-Birkenau 1940 – 1945 (here).

In November 2015, Poland-born professor Jan T. Gross (Princeton University) in an article claimed that Poles killed more Jews than Germans.

In January 2015, Poland’s foreign minister Grzegorz Schetyna claimed that it were Ukrainian soldiers and not Russian soldiers who ‘liberated’ the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi camp. Both Moscow and Tel Aviv called the statement, “rewriting history”.

Antony Beevor in his 1998 book, Stalingrad states that the Russian soldiers rapped tens of thousands of Christian women they ‘liberated’ from Nazi camps in Germany and Poland.

When Stalin’s Red Army occupied Poland during WWII, it turned the country into a Holocaust museum. Since 1950s more western leaders have visited Auschwitz Holocaust Memorial than the Vatican.

Holocaust Industry claims that four million Jews were killed in several Nazi ‘concentration’ camps in Poland before 1945. However, it doesn’t acknowledge that three million Polish Christian, mostly Catholics, also died during the same period.

According to The ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism, released in May 2014, 45 percent of Poland’s adult population holds anti-Semitic views, the highest figure in Eastern Europe.

Let’s not forget it was Joseph Stalin who created the very first Jewish state Birobidjan in USSR on May 7, 1934.

Plaque at Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial with Revised Number of Victims from 4 Million to 1.5 Million


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