Newsweek: 10,000 millionaires flee France in 2015!

A report by the New World Wealth, entitled Millionaire Migration in 2015, released last month claims that France saw the world’s highest number of millionaires leaving that country. 7000 out of a total of 126,000 French millionaires (6%) left the country for the UK, US, Israel, Canada and Australia.

According to the report these fat-cats moved out of Paris (7000), Rome (5000), Chicago (3000) and Athens (2000) as result of economic slump, lack of opportunities, and rising religious tensions due to influx of immigration.

The Jewish-controlled media had to invent the so-called Islamic threat related to this report.

On March 31, Jewish Newsweek magazine reported that 10,000 French millionaires left France last year as result of “religious tension”. It also claimed that 2,500 of them were Jewish and great majority of them went to Israel. It must be a dream come true for Netanyahu who had been urging Jews to leave France for years.

It seems the Mossad attack on Charlie Hebdo office, and Paris attacks convinced French millionaires that Netanyahu was not kidding.

French Constitution pride itself to be secularist nation. 45% of French claim to be Catholics, but on Sunday churches are found empty. In a recent survey in Le Journal du Dimanche, 56% of people said they would react badly if their daughter married a Muslim – 91% of people said that Jews in France “are very insular”, and 56% said that Jews “have a lot of power”.

So why 2,500 Jew millionaires decided to immigrate to Israel, while Israeli Jews are leaving the Occupied Palestine due to never-ending Palestinian resistance against Jewish occupation of their ancestral land. A growing exodus Israelis for Germany has not only shocked Israel’s extremist leadership but has highlighted the growing disillusionment with Zionism among Israel’s younger generation.

Newsweek is famous for creating idiotic stories to serve the Organized Jewry. For example, in its December 2008 issue it published an article by Lisa Miller, titled “Our Mutual Joy” – in which she tried to prove that the Bible is “pro-gay”. On December 29, 2010 it published an article by Isaac Stone Fish claiming that Chinese business elites learn from Jewish Talmud how to increase their wealth (here).


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