Argentina, Falkland and Israel

Last week, the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (UNCLCS) unanimously ratified Argentina’s claim to expand the official area of its shelf in the South Atlantic, where the disputed British-occupied Falkland Islands lie, 300 miles (482 km) off Argentina’s Patagonian coast.

Although the UN decision is not yet final, Argentina’s foreign minister, Susana Malcorra, praised it, and suggested the move will further strengthen the country’s claim to the Falkland Islands. Once the decision become final, Falkland will be within Argentinian waters.

We have taken a great step forward in demarcating the outer limit of our continental shelf, Malcorra said in a statement. This reaffirms our sovereignty rights over the resources of our continental shelf.

Britain and Argentina fought a bloody, 10 week war in 1982 over the ownership of the Islands that cost the lives of 649 Argentine soldiers, 255 British soldiers and three islanders.

Both the British and its puppet Falkland governments were quick to play down suggestions that the UN decision might open the door for negotiations over the governance of the archipelago, which has been occupied by Britain since 1833.

London is not interested in a negotiated solution to Falkland since its multinational oil/gas company, Rockhopper, discovered huge natural reserves in the North Falkland Basin, approximately 25 miles south of the Sea Lion field.

A pro-Israel Argentina is a fantasy of the hardcore Zionists. The Patagonia Region was the first choice of Theodor Herzl for proposed homeland for European Jewry to escape centuries-old antisemitism. The fertile and full of natural resources, the region spans five provinces in Argentina, Chile, and Falkland, home to UK’s nuclear military base.

Britain has long been controlled by country’s powerful Jewish lobby groups. Since January 2016, Argentina is under a pro-Israel government of the newly elected prime minister Mauricio Marci, former Mayor of Buenos Aires had close relations with leaders of the city’s Jewish center AMIA. He also visited Israel as a Mayor and was received as ‘friend’ by Benjamin Netanyahu. Marci’s third wife Juliana Awada, 41, has Lebanese-Syrian Jewish family roots.

Personally I find the British hypocrisy over the Falklands nauseating, particularly when contrasted to the deplorable ethnic cleansing of the Chagossians from their islands to make way for the US military base on Diego Garcia, which the British government refuses to reverse. To make a dispute ever more intractable through militaristic jingoism is not responsible behavior. On the centenary of the Easter Rising, it is extraordinary that from Thatcher in the Falklands to Blair in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Sierra Leone, to Cameron in Libya and Syria, we should be living through such a resurgence in British Imperialism,” Craig Murray, former UK’s ambassador in Uzbekistan wrote on March 29, 2016.

Falkland’s total population is less than 3,000. All Argentinean were expelled by the British occupier before WWI.


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