The Romanian journalist hated by Jews

romania-635x357[1]Last week, Romanian parliament appointed Oana Nancy Stanciulescu, one of country’s most respectable journalists on 13-member board of country’s state-owned Televiziunea Română (TVR).

Her appointment has been blasted by the Israeli embassy in Bucharest, and the Elie Wiesel Institute (Romania) – calling her a Holocaust denier.

In reality, Stanciulescu has never denied the mass murder of Gypsies, Christians and Jews by Nazis during WWII. What she opposes is Romania’s draconian hate law: Question Holocaust and go to jail.

Romania joined the ‘civilized world’ only in 2004, when its government leaders started visiting the local Holocaust memorial services. A great majority of country’s population still doubt that Romanian helped Nazi occupiers in murdering 280,000 Romanian Jews as claimed by the ‘Holocaust Industry’.

Romania-born Radu Ioanid, director Washington Holocaust Museum, in his 2005 book, The Ransom of the Jew, claims that Romania sold nearly 235,000 of its 350,000 Jews to Israel during the period between 1960-1989 as commodity barter and hard cash in dollars. The trade was suspended after the pro-Israel communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were executed by firing squad on Christmas Day 1989 on the orders of a military tribunal set up by leaders of Romania’s bloody revolution in December 1989 (here).

Muslims though make a small religious minority (80,000) in Romania, but they have a glorious eight centuries-long history beginning in 1262 CE. Romania was once a part of Ottoman empire but like crusaders Muslims never forced their faith upon the Christian majority.

Europe has a Muslim history of over 1300 years (here). Some of its landmarks are still found in Europe which the Judo-Christian bigots hate to mention while parroting their own terrorist activities on Muslim immigrants.

Romania’s most tourist attraction, Vlad III of the Transylvanian medieval ‘Dracula’ family, was a Muslim convert. According to the history books Vlad’s father sent him along with his brother Radu to the Ottoman courts of Istanbul, as part of a ‘hostage’ agreement – a common medieval ‘insurance policy’ between two powerful states. There the boys were educated, as if Ottoman princes themselves, this involved learning Arabic, Persian and mastering Holy Qur’an.

According to the Holocaust Industry, there were 726,000 Jews in Romania in 1934. Now, there are less than 9,000. After selling 235,000 Jewish sheep to Zionist regime to live on land stolen from Native Palestinians – one wonders where the rest of ‘Holocaust survivors’ went.

80,000 Muslim population is a good reason for the Organized Jewry to keep reminding Romanian Christians that after Paris and Brussels attacks Bucharest could be the new CIA-Mossad target.


One response to “The Romanian journalist hated by Jews

  1. “Romania-born JEW Radu Ioanid” to be precise.No, there is no need for a false flag in Romania: it is a perfect vassal. It has the most draconian “holocaust denial” laws in Europe and the country has been sold piecemeal and en gros to Canadian and Israeli Jews.

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