Pope didn’t wash or kiss Jewish feet on Easter!

On Holy Thursday (March 24), the defender of Jewish occupation of Palestine, Pope Francis washed and kissed feet of 12 Black, Christian, Muslim, and Hindu men and women (watch below).

This was a symbolic Easter tradition in the Vatican. It’s based on the myth that Jesus (as) washed the feet of some of his 11 disciple before he was nailed to a cross. Those disciples, according to Zionist Scofield Bible, were Jewish while the first Muslim appeared in Arabia almost 600 years after the so-called ‘crucification’.

Francis is credited for being the first pope who ever washed and kissed a woman feet. Because, according to the Bible, women are cursed under the so-called First Sin. In Israel, Jewish women are dehumanized in 8 places.

Last Christmas, the Vatican announced that Francis has issued a decree changing the norms for the ritual of the washing of the feet. Up to the time of his election, women were excluded from this, but now he has opened the door so that bishops and priests in every diocese can wash the feet of women, too, on Holy Thursday. As if the priests have not enough Nuns to rape.

I have nothing against some of Catholic beliefs, no matter how silly they sound, but I do sympathize with Israel Hasbara Committee brigade for their anger at pope’s washing and kissing feet of a Muslim. How rude!

David Horowitz’s FrontPage magazine, Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, and the ‘ever-whining’ Jewish blogger Debbie Schlussel, slammed the pope for his kissing the feet of a ‘Muslim terrorist’ and saying that ‘Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus’ worship the same G-d.

Is it possible that Francis didn’t know that for making a similar statement, American Black female Christian professor Larycia Hawkins was fired by the Zionist Christian Wheaton College last Christmas?

The Jewish billionaire Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot, thinks that Francis has crossed the ‘Red Line’ by sympathizing with the 99%. In 2014 interview with CNBC, he threatened the pope that if he didn’t stop his campaign against the Shylocks – Ken would stop giving money to Catholic charities.

This was Francis’ fourth ‘feet washing’ performance since the Archbishop of Buenos Aires (1998-2013) was picked-up by the Organized Jewry to head the Catholic Church. During all four performances, Francis has made sure to include a ‘Muslim’ actor.

On Holy Thursday, US president Barack Obama in a press conference in Buenos Aires acknowledged that United States was too slow to condemn human rights atrocities during Argentina’s 1976-83 dictatorship as he honored victims of the Dirty War, but he stopped short of apologizing for Washington’s earlier support for the military junta. The civil war killed more than 30,000 people. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) had collaborated with the military junta.


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