Dahlia Wasfi: US is under Israeli occupation

US-born American anti-war activist, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi MD, in a 2008 speech (watch below) claims that the United states is totally occupied by Israel through Jewish lobby groups and Jewish oligarchs who buy US politicians as we saw during the recent AIPAC conference.

Dr. Wasfi explains how the current bloodshed in the Middle East was started by the US, Israel, UK, and their regional clients to weaken the Muslim countries surrounding the Zionist entity for the benefit of Israel.

Wasfi was born to an American Jewish mother and a Muslim Iraqi father in 1971. She is married to Ross Caputi, a US Marine, who fought in Iraq.

On August 30, 2008, I also posted an article proving that the US is an Israeli Colony.

Jason Vest, writing in The Nation (August 15, 2002), claims that JINSA, along with Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, are ‘underwritten by far-right American Jew Zionists’ and both believe strongly that ‘regime change’ by any means necessary in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority is an urgent imperative.”

Many writers have claimed Israel being 51st state of United States. UK’s writer and author Ibrahim Hewitt, however, says that Israel is not the 51st state of America – but in reality America is the 2nd state of Israel.

Last year, British media slammed Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn for calling Ibrahim Hewitt, “a good friend”.

On April 6, 2010, Carl Herman wrote at the Examiner that Jewish-controlled American media (CNN, Fox News, CBS, ABC, etc.) is repeating their lies about Iraqi WMDs to push America to attack Iran for Israel.


2 responses to “Dahlia Wasfi: US is under Israeli occupation

  1. Quite. Thanks for the link to your 2008 article, I had not seen it Before.

    In November, U.S. voters and taxpayers believe that they are voting for a new U.S. President, when in fact they will be crowning a new Vice-Roy, for the benefit of Zionist Israel.

  2. ‘Under occupation’. It may sound ridiculous to some, but how else do we describe it? In the least, the foreign policy of the US in the middle east is occupied by Zionist Jews and their congressional lackeys coupled with the media stooges.

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