US scholar: Muslims have nothing to do with 9/11

JohnStewart911OutsideJob-300x166[1]Last year, the powerful pro-Israel Jewish organization ADL condemned leader of Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan for blaming American Zionist Jews and Israeli Mossad for committing terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Listen to his speech below.

ADL also blasted American hip-hop icon Russell Simmons for praising Farrakhan. Simmons is no Israel-hater. In June 2012 Simmons attended Israeli Presidential Conference (here).

Russell Simmons was criticized by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of ‘Kosher Sex’ for supporting the Ground Zero Mosque. Israel-First rabbi had very good reason to allergic to a mosque. “We live in a secular age where religion has largely repudiated. Sure, people still go to church and they still celebrate Chanuka and Christmas. But religious values have ceased to be impactful on their lives. It’s secular values that dictate what is important, from money and fame to material comfort and financial security. But Islam refuses to adopt these secular values,” he wrote to Simmons posted on Jewish Belief Net website.

Early this month, Simmons endorsed Hillary Clinton for next president.

On March 23, the Nation of Islam Research Group interviewed distinguished American scholar James Fetzer, PhD, to respond to the ADL’s attack on Russell Simmons and Minister Louis Farrakhan for questioning the so-called “9/11 Official Story”.

NOI: Did Muslims commit the 9/11 crime?

James Fetzer: No, 9/11 was brought to us by compliments of the CIA, the Neo-Cons in the Department of Defense, and the Mossad. Neither Osama nor the 19 alleged “suicide hijackers” had anything to do with it. A half dozen or more of them turned up alive and well the following day and were intervied by the UK media (here).

How could two planes take down three buildings? WTC-7 was not hit by any plane and had no jet-fuel-initiated fires. No steel structure high-rise has ever collapsed from fire before 9/11 or after 9/11 – and it did not happen on 9/11 either, where the Twin Towers now appear to have been taken out by a sophisticated arrangement or mini or micro nukes and WTC-7 by a classic controlled demolition. This was a very carefully planned event,” Fetzer added.


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