Hillary Clinton: Another great president for Israel

While Barack Obama was on a ‘landmark’ visit to Cuba and Argentina to counter anti-Israel-pro-Venezuela Latin American alliance – Netanyahu decided not to address the annual AIPAC conference in New York last week. He blessed it via satellite.

This year, the stars of the event were Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. They all outbid each other in their subservience to the Zionist entity. The only Jewish presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, was missing from the show.

Hillary told the 18,000 Israel’s supporters that anyone who doesn’t support Israel blindly, has no right to be in the white House. Trump assured them that if elected he would be more pro-Israel than other candidates.

Hillary forgot to mention the biggest gift her husband former president Bill Clinton gave Israel was to sign executive order 12947 on January 23, 1995 which gave Israel the rights to designate ‘terrorist organizations’ of its choice for Washington. The list of organizations that were designated as terrorists included Hamas and Hizbullah, the PFLP, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, and other Islamic charities that were dedicated to resistance against the Israeli occupation and who realized early on that the peace process was a sham.

On March 9, 2016, professor James Petras described Hillary Clinton’s Israel connection in an excellent way.

Pluto-Zionism is the three-way marriage of plutocracy, rightwing Zionism and US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a serial war criminal, racist and servant of Wall Street. How did this deadly ménage-a-trois come about? The answer is that a stratospherically wealthy donor group, dedicated to promoting Israel’s dominance in the Middle East and deepening US military intervention in the region, has secured Clinton’s unconditional support for Tel Aviv’s ambitions and, in exchange, Hilary receives scores of millions to finance her Democratic Party foot soldiers and voters for her campaign,” Dr. Petras said.

Pluto-Zionists comprise the leading financial backers of Clinton. Her million-dollar backers, among the most powerful financiers and media moguls in America, include: George Soros ($6 million), Marc Benioff, Roger Altman, Steven Spielberg, Haim and Cheryl Saban ($3 million and counting), Jeffrey Katzenberg, Donald Sussman, Herb Sandler, Jay and Mark Pritzker, S. Daniel Abraham ($1 million), Bernard Schwartz, Marc Lasry, Paul Singer, David Geffen, Fred Eychaner, Norman Braman and Bernie Marcus. Waiting in the wings are the Republican billionaire ‘king-makers’, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, the Koch brothers as well as the ‘liberal’ multi-billionaire, Michael Bloomberg who had contributed $11 million in 2012 elections. These erstwhile Republican funders are increasing frightened by the anti-‘free trade and anti-intervention’ rhetoric of their party’s front-runner, Donald Trump, and are approaching the solidly pro-Israel, pro-war and pro-Wall Street candidate, Madame Clinton,” Dr. Petras added.

In addition to the powerful Pluto-Zionists, a vast army of ‘Israel-First’ ideologues is behind Clinton, including ‘veteran’ arm-chair war mongers like Victoria Nuland Kagan, Donald and Robert Kagan, Robert Zoellick, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim among so many other promoters of Washington’s continuous wars on many fronts. Ms Nuland-Kagan, as US Undersecretary of State for East European Affairs, openly bragged about using hundreds of millions of dollars of US taxpayer money to finance the right-wing Ukrainian coup. Michael Chertoff, as head of Homeland Security after 9/11, jailed thousands of innocent Muslims while freeing five Israeli-Mossad agents arrested by the FBI for suspected involvement or pre-knowledge of the attacks in New York after they were seen filming the collapse of the towers and celebrating the event from a warehouse rooftop in New Jersey!),” he said.


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