Israeli Minister: G-d punished Brussels

Israel’s minister of science, technology and space, Ofir Akunis, commenting on the Tuesday’s Brussels twin terrorist attacks said it’s biblical G-d’s revenge for the Brussels-based European Union’s antisemite decision to boycott Israeli goods made by illegal Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank.

Many in Europe have preferred to occupy themselves with the folly of condemning Israel, labeling products, and boycotts. In this time, underneath the nose of the continent’s citizens, thousands of extremist Islamic terror cells have grown,” Akunis wrote on Facebook.

In other words, Akunis is admitting that Brussels bombing was in retaliation for European Union’s boycott of Israeli goods. One may not agree with my deduction – but Israeli minister’s off-hand comments were very revealing about the current schizophrenic political mindset in Tel Aviv.

Akunis, a minister of world’s biggest terrorist entity then warned Europeans saying: “Focus your attention on ‘Islamic terrorism’ to prevent further attack.”

It’s the same advice Akunis boss Netanyahu gave to the world when he attended the Paris March, uninvited last year.

This is not the first time biblical G-d has punished nations that dared to go against the Zionist entity. For example, in 2012, pastor John McTernan claimed that Hurricane Sandy was a curse from G-d of Israel. The Zionist idiot claimed that ever since George Bush Sr signed the Madrid Peace Process to divide the land of Israel in 1991 – the US has been under G-d’s judgment.

In February 2012, Israel’s chief rabbi, Ovadia Josef warned Iran that if it attacked Israel G-d will send Ahmadinejad to hell.

Don’t attack Iran. Learn Talmud and G-d will save the people of Israel and send Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to hell. In every generation, there are those who tried to destroy us and HaShem (G-d) saved us. Now, there is a tyrant in Iran, perhaps a reincarnation of Haman. We have no one to rely on except our (revengeful) G-d in Heaven,” said Ovadia.

And finally a Judo-Christian miracle reported by Jew-owned UK’s Mail Online (March 22, 2016). Mason Wells, 19, an American Mormon missionary, escaped death at three false flag terrorist attacks; Boston Marathon Bombing, Paris attacks, and Brussels Bombing. I bet Joseph Smith (1805-1844), founder of Mormon Church, who claimed to be the promised ‘King of Jews’ must be very happy – wherever he is.


One response to “Israeli Minister: G-d punished Brussels

  1. Lol! Love it how God is always on their side!

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