Hillary: Iran still an ‘existential’ threat to Israel

hillary_pure_evil_md[1]On Monday, Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton told her paranoid Jewish audience at the AIPAC conference that the Islamic Republic still posed an ‘existential’ threat to the Zionist entity and needed to be closely watched.

Hillary said American leaders needed to show loyalty to Israel and “anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business being our president.” She was referring to main rival Donald Trump’s earlier statement that if elected president he would act neutral on Israel-Palestine conflict.

I remember veteran Israeli journalist Gideon Levy advice, Americans Stop Sucking-up to Israel at Ha’aretz on November 1, 2009. However, on Monday Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and vice-president Joe Biden, were all found sucking up to Israel. I’m not surprised because all three has Zionist Jews within families.

Several American Jewish groups, such as, Come Together Against Hate, Jews against Trump, The Reform Movement, etc. have asked AIPAC to cancel its invitation to Donald Trump to speak at the conference. Some other Jewish groups had anti-Trump protest outside the conference. Don’t ask me why? Personally, I think he has far bigger Zionist soul than Hillary Clinton.

Pro-Israel Jewish groups have accused Trump of not having the so-called Jewish values. But what are AIPAC’s values? Its mission statement is devoid of most Jewish or moral values. It’s based not only on racism against non-Jews – it’s all about Israel’s interests over American interests.

The power for the Zionist entity is exercised by elected and appointed Jewish and Zionist Christian officials, especially those put in positions through Jewish money and media support or those have any relevance to Israeli interests. These interests include direct aid to Israel, sanctions and wars against Israel’s Middle East and Asian adversaries, American pension fund investments in Israel, boycotts of companies trading with Israeli-designated adversary countries and many other strategic concerns.

The US special relation with the Zionist entity too often reflects the tail wagging the dog. In reality the Zionist entity is more strategic liability than asset.


3 responses to “Hillary: Iran still an ‘existential’ threat to Israel

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  2. Daniel Margrain

    Just saw her on CNN talking about the need to “fight and beat terrorism” which is, of course, code for arguing for regime change in Syria.

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