Gen. Meir Dagan goes to Hell

Eat the brains of our enemies, Meir Dagan told his Jewish soldiers during invasion of Lebanon in 1980s.

Ukraine-born Gen. Meir Dagan (born 1945), the former head of one of world’s top state-terrorist agency, Mossad (2002-2011), died on March 17, 2016 in Occupied Palestine.

Dagan, as usual, was a ‘hero’ for the Israeli Jews and western media as long as he kept eliminating people who were considered to be ‘existential’ threat to the Jewish occupation of Palestine or generated faked documents on Iran’s non-existing military related nuclear program. Dagan was lauded for Mossad  covert attacks against Iranian nuclear scientists and unleashed cyberattacks, including the Stuxnet virus, developed in cooperation with the United States. That digital weapon reportedly delayed the Iran’s non-existing military nuclear program.

But after his retirement, he became a critic of Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies toward Iran, the US, and Palestinian Authority especially Gaza-ruling Hamas. Thus he was declared a Traitor.

Dagan, an Ariel Sharon’s appointee to head Israeli Mossad, is considered a ‘War Criminal’ for his actions as Israeli commander during Israel’s invasion of Egypt’s Sinai, and Lebanon in 1982. Dagan received Man of the Year Award in 2008.

In 2013, Dagan claimed that Assad removal was good for Israel.

In 2012, having failed to get liver transplant in Israel, the US, and UK, Dagan was treated in Belarus.

Now since he is gone – the western media is desperately trying to reinstate Dagan as ‘Israeli hero’ again. The campaign is lead by no other than the Jew York Times, known for obeying Israeli news censorship (Gag order).

On March 17, Isabel Kershiner in an obituary piece glorified Dagan at the NYT for stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

Michael Leshar, an American Jewish lawyer, writer, author and human rights activist, responded to Isabel Kershiner’s whitewashing of Meir Dagan (here).

“But why fuss over details? After all, Dagan probably earned the title war criminal long before trying his hand as a nuclear saboteur. Under the leadership of Ariel Sharon in the 1970s, he headed a special unit in Gaza that fired into crowds of protesting civilians, deported whole families of suspected resistance fighters, and bulldozed its way through rows of refugee camp housing, leaving thousands homeless. Dagan also played a key role in Israel’s bloody invasion of Lebanon in 1982. Kershner mentions these episodes, but only to say that Dagan’s job in Gaza was ‘to combat militancy’ and that he ‘retired in 1995 with the rank of major general’. Dear me. Kurt Waldheim – whose hidden complicity in Nazi war crimes made it into the first sentence of his obituary in the Times in 2007 – must be wondering when he, too, will be turned into a god,” Lesher wrote.

Kurt Waldheim, one of the most hated European leaders by the Organized Jewry, was former president of Austria (Theodor Herzl’s birthplace), secretary-general of United Nations, and ambassador to France and Canada. As Austrian head of state, Waldheim was banned to enter the United States under pressure from the Jewish Lobby. Jewish Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman even got a bill passed by US Knesset to that effect.


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