Uri Avnery: Hizbullah is not a ‘terrorist organization’

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah

Israeli columnist Uri Avnery in a recent article, entitled, Your Terrorist, My Terrorist, says that despite Israel, the US, Canada and Arab League classification – Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah is not a terrorist organization. However, in the same breath, Avnery claimed that it was the Zionist entity that created Hizbullah to begin with.

So is Hizbullah a terrorist organization? Of course not. So why the Arab League decided they are?,” asks Avnery.

Then Avnery, a Zionist Jew living in self-denial answers his own question.

Because most of the League’s member states are Sunni Muslims while Hizbullah is a Shi’ite organization supporting Shi’ite Iran, and Alawite (quasi-Shi’ite) Bashar al-Assad in Syria,” said Avnery.

I bet the con-Jew know that Iraq, Lebanon, and Bahrain are Shi’ite majority Arab countries, while Syria is a Sunni majority nation. Bashar al-Assad has nothing to do with Alawite, known as “Shi’ite without Shari’ah”, the same way as Anvery and the great majority of Zionists have nothing to do with Judaism. And if the idiot doesn’t know – Iranians are not Arabs. They belongs to Aryan race.

Then Avnery calls Lebanon an ‘artificial state’ – created out of al-Sham (Greater Syria) by the French colonist to protect Maronite Christian community from Muslim majority.

One has to forgive the Jew bigot to admit that Israel is also an ‘artificial state’ created by Jewish terrorists out of Syria with the help of the US, UK and USSR. Maronite Christians are as much Arabs as their fellow Muslims living in Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon.

Avnery also claims that Shi’ites didn’t like Palestinian refugees who came to Lebanon after the King Hussein’s 1970 massacre that was aided by both Israel and Pakistan. Interestingly, Shi’ite in South Lebanon are the only Arabs providing military training to Palestinian Sunni resistance groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Contrary to that, Maronite Christians supported both French and Israeli colonists. Gen. Ariel Sharon used Maronite Christian terrorist militia Phalangists to carry massacre of Palestinian civilians at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.

In 2000, the Israeli troops left for good, almost in a panic. They left behind a mini-state ruled by Hizbullah (Party of Allah). Its leader was assassinated by Israel, and the vastly more able Hassan Nasrallah took his place. Today the Shiites are by far the strongest community in Lebanon. They are an important part of the powerful “Shiite arc” – Iran, Iraq, Bashar al-Assad’s Syria and Hizbullah,” Avnery said.

Hezbollah our most dangerous enemy? I beg to differ. I believe that our most dangerous enemy is Daesh – not because of its military prowess, but because it is a powerful idea, and is inflaming hundreds of millions of Muslims throughout the world. Ideas can be more dangerous than guns – a fact alien to Israeli thinking,” the con-Jew lied again.

Israeli army top gun, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz begs to differ with Avnery on this. In April 2014, Gantz said that Hizbullah poses a much greater existential threat to Israel than Islamic Iran or Daesh. Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), is created and supported by the US and Israel. Daesh ‘Caliph’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was born into a French Jewish family, and trained by Israeli Mossad.

Hizbullah now has regular troops and is fighting in Syria against Daesh and others. Be that as it may, one thing Hizbullah definitely is not:  it is not a terrorist organization (here),” says Avnery.

I wonder if Avnery knows that to become a “regular troops” (conventional army), it has to have tanks, helicopters, fighter-jets, Navy ships, etc. – which both Hizbullah and Lebanese army don’t have.

One can hate Hizbullah and detest Nasrallah. But calling them “terrorists” is plain stupid,” says Avnery.

In April 2008, a poll conducted by Jewish created Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at University of Maryland said that Sheikh Hassan Nasrallh was the most admired leader in the entire Arab world.

On July 12, 2010 Amos Harel reported at daily Ha’aretz that during the 34-day war with Hizbullah in 2006 – Israelis trusted Sheikh Nasrallah statements more than their own leaders.

So who is Uri Avnery dude? American Jewish writer Roger Tucker has called him Crypto Zionist.

Uri Avnery was member of Irgun, one of the Jewish terrorist militias led by former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin. He is a former member of Israeli Knesset, and self-declared ‘Peacemaker’.

In September 2013, Avnery claimed that Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a Mossad agent.

In October 2013, Avnery claimed that Israel is not Apartheid State like the old White-occupied South Africa. Many political aware Jews claim it’s far worse than Nazi Germany (here, here).


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  1. “Anvery and the great majority of Zionists have nothing to do with Judaism”
    Whaaat? Completely wrong.

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