Ash Carter: Iran’s ‘malign agenda’ against Israel

On March 17, 2016, the US defense secretary Ashton Carter, the kosher gentile, appearing before the Senate Armed Service Committee, told the lawmakers: Iran is demonstrating reckless and destabilizing behavior. The United States seeks to counter Iran’s aggression, counter its malign influence, and uphold our ironclad commitments to regional allies, notably Israel.

Ashton Carter was joined by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, who wants to bomb Libya again, and Defense Department Comptroller Mike McCord. Carter pleaded to the committee not to cut 2017 defense budget request of $582.7, which is far greater than combined defense budgets of Russia, China, UK, Germany and France.

Ashton Carter honored Iran by putting it the fourth greatest “existential threat” to the United States after Russia, China and North Korea. Carter assigned fifth spot (least priority) to US-Israel surrogate baby ISIS (Israel Secret Intelligence Service).

Carter was part of a team that drafted an influential 2008 report Meeting the Challenge, on Iran’s nuclear capability. Many of the recommendations in the report, which was prepared for the Bipartisan Policy Center, comport with current Obama administration policy, particularly in emphasizing the need for maintaining an international coalition in dealing with Iran.

On Thursday, Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley told the House that the military’s ability to counter any two out of China, Iran, North Korea and Russia at a time is depleted. “I think the cost, both in terms of time, casualties in troops, and the ability to accomplish military objectives would be very significant,” he said.

Last month American investigative journalist William J. Astore called the Pentagon, a spoiled child, and not a real military.

The Senate Armed Service Committee is headed by Israel-First Sen. John McCain, and includes AIPAC butts-lickers, such as, Lindsey Graham, Jack Reed, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and of course Zionist Jew Richard Blumenthal.


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