Dutch lawmakers ban arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Saudi_Arabia_Human_Rights[1]On Tuesday, the Dutch parliament passed a bill calling the government to halt weapon exports to Saudi Arabia, citing ongoing violations of humanitarian law in Yemen.

Maybe the Dutch lawmakers don’t realize that Saudi oil money is very attractive to the Western anti-Muslim regimes and thus Riyadh’s human-rights abuse doesn’t bother their Christian conscience. Last year, both the US and UK bribed many of 47-members to appoint Saudi Arabia to chair a five-member panel at the UNHRC that select the experts who are assigned to examine human rights issues on behalf of the Council.

Last year Saudi Arabia spent $80 billion on arms buying spree. United States still maintains top position amongst arms suppliers to Riyadh, though it doesn’t sell the most sophisticate arms which it gives to Israel as part of the annual $3 + billion military aid. Currently, France is competing with the US for the top slot.

In June 2015, Saudi deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Paris to sign deals worth $12 billion including a feasibility study to build two nuclear reactors in the Kingdom. So far, the country depends on gas-turbines to generate electricity. I was involved in one of those plants.

UK-based Campaign Against Arms Trade is currently pursuing legal action against David Cameron government over selling arms to Saudi Arabia worth £2.8 billion.

Last month, German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel sent a letter to German lawmakers confirming that Berlin has authorized the delivery of 23 Airbus helicopters to Riyadh.

China had sold DF-21 solid-fuel medium-range ballistic missiles to Saudi Arabia in the past.

In 2008, Saudi Arabia offered Moscow major arms contracts if it reduces its cooperation with Iran. In 2013, Saudi Arabia made similar offer to Putin if he back away from Assad regime in Syria.

The US, UK, France and Germany are main arms and technology suppliers to the Zionist entity.

On Wednesday, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau while visiting United Nations headquarter in New York said that his government had no intention of cancelling $15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia signed by his pro-Israel processor Stephen Harper in 2014.


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