Cuba: Obama and the coming of regime change

The White House has demanded that Barack Obama’s historic speech at Havana Grand Theater on Tuesday, should be broadcasted alive by Cuban state television.

This will be a speech to the Cuban people. Cubans want to hear what the president has to say,” said Ben Rhodes, Jewish adviser to the White House who took part in the secret talks that led to rapprochement between the two countries after the release of American Jew spy Alan Gross. He said that the Cuban Government has thus far voiced no objection to televising the address.

In January, USAID announced $6 million in grants to provide humanitarian assistance to political prisoners and their families, and politically marginalized individuals and groups in Cuba. Alan Gross’ Talmudic response on social media, was: “Down the toilet.”

Obama will arrive on Sunday to Havana for a three-day visit to the island, considered a milestone, eight months after the formal resumption of diplomatic relations. Obama will be accompanied by his wife, Michelle Obama, both daughters and Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson – but not Michelle’s cousin Rabbi Capers Funnye. The trip is the first by a US president to Cuba in 88 years.

On March 16, Associated Press published an article by Josh Lederman (a Zionist Jew), entitled, Obama to Lay out Vision for Cuba in Historic Havana Speech.

Dr. Carlos Alzugaray Treto, a scholar and Cuba’s former ambassador to the European Union, responded to Lederman on his Facebook page.

Since when a President of a foreign government visits a country and explains to the people his vision for their country? Unless, of course, he considers himself the Emperor of the Universe with a right to sermon his listeners. There is another possibility, Obama is announcing his campaign to become President of Cuba en 2018, Alzugaray wrote.

After failing to topple Castro family regime, Washington has decided to bring the desired regime change in Havana through a Color Revolutions from within. This is the very reason Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei is against letting United States enter Iran from the backdoor.

Washington ended its 50-year-old sanctions against Havana on July 20, 2015.


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