India: ‘We don’t recruit Muslims’

zionism[1]On March 11, 2016, The Milli Gazette published an investigative report by a Hindu journalist Pushp Sharma claiming that last year 711 Muslim yoga teachers had applied for the short-term assignment abroad during the World Yoga Day 2015 but none was called even for interview while 26 Hindu teacher were sent abroad on this assignment.

Since Narendra Modi’s Hindutva came into power, country’s 160 million Muslims found themselves target of worst Hindu fascism since 1947 partition including Muslim actors in Bollywood, and country’s scientists and poets.

As middle-class Muslims find it increasingly difficult to secure housing, jobs and school admissions, they are attempting to find their own solutions – either by investing in all-Muslim apartment towers, setting up their own schools or encouraging entrepreneurship. But this shouldn’t take away from the larger and more heart-breaking concern, which is how these everyday discriminations are affecting Muslims, alienating them from a mainstream India that they very much want to be a part of,” says Sameera Khan, Mumbai-based journalist, researcher, author, women rights activist, and former assistant editor at The Times of India.

According to the Sachar Report, Muslims makes only 7% in Indian Judiciary. The literacy rate among Muslims is 58% as compared to average national 65%.

Muslims face most discrimination in Indian military. Two Army chiefs, Field Marshal Manekshaw and Gen Sundarji, publically admitted that Muslims were not proportionally recruited in the military but blamed it on Muslim youth for lack of education.

Former Defence Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav stated in the late 1990s that only one per cent of the Indian soldiers were Muslims. On the other hand, the former defense minister George Fernandes (Christian) claimed that even asking the numbers of Muslims in Indian army is “anti-national”. India’s first army chief Gen. K.K. Cariappa didn’t believe that “Muslims could ever be loyal to Hindu India.”

Before the partition of India, over 30% of British Indian Army were Muslims.

Like Israelis historians, Hindutva historians also have distorted India’s Muslim history of 1000 years.

India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-65) in his book, The Discovery of India, has nothing but Muslim invaders in uniting India, practicing religious tolerance and fighting Hindu caste system.

Canadian war reporter, journalist and author Eric Margolis in his book, War at the Top of the World, claims that when Indian were having ‘Golden Era’ under Mughal Empire, London was city of 15,000 ‘unwashed’ people.


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