Turkey: Car bombing kills 37 people

On March 13, a suicide car bomb exploded in central Ankara – killing 37 people and injuring another 125. No one took responsibility for the bombing. However, Ankara has blamed two members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) for the bombing. Turkish warplane struck PKK camps in northern Iraq on Monday.

The explosives were the same kind as those used in a Feb. 17 attack in the Ankara that killed 29 people, mostly soldiers. Turkey had blamed PKK for that too.

Iraqi president Fuad Masum (a Kurd) has condemned Ankara over violation of Arab territory and demanded Turkey to stop airstrikes and pull all its forces from northern Iraq. Both Damascus and Tehran have also criticized Turkey’s latest violation.

Both president Erdogan and prime minister Davutoglou reiterated their resolve to keep fighting local and regional terrorism.

Turkish government official turned ‘whistleblower’, Fuat Avni, has claimed that it could be work of Turkish spy agency (Milli Emniyet Hizmeti).

The Jewish-controlled press has claimed that Turkey-Saudi Arabia are planning a ground-invasion of Syria ahead of Geneva III round of US-Russia peace talks on Syria.

Several bloggers (here, here) have called the recent bombings in Turkey as false flag operations to mentally prepare Turkish public for the coming ground attack on Syria. A vast majority of Turks don’t like Erdogan’s policy of regime change in Syria.

On February 29, US-based Jewish security think tank, Stratfor, loose the cat out of the bag. “In Syria, a cease-fire in name only,” it said. Why? Because, the US and its allies wants ISIS to keep inflicting havoc on Syrian people until they throw Bashar al-Assad out of power, while Russia would like its ally Assad to remain in power with help from its allies (Iran, China, and Hizbullah).

Interestingly, both Erdogan and Netanyahu support Kurdistan in Iraq.



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