Oscars – Holocaust wins, anti-war movie lose

Hungary’s Holocaust submission, Son of Saul (Saul happened to be Jewish name of St. Paul) to the Oscars this year for best foreign language film of 2015, won against Denmark’s anti-war submission A War. Watch trailer below.

The 2015 movie A War is by Danish writer-director Tobias Lindholm’s counterpart to the 2010 documentary Armadillo, which caused huge controversy in Denmark through its depiction of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan appearing to commit a war crime.

The movie hero Claus Michael Pedersen (Pilou Asbæk), is the commander of Danish troops of in Helmand Province. There is a mood of fear and frustration among the soldiers, who are struggling to understand just why they are in Afghanistan at all or why they have to go on patrol through booby-trapped wasteland. Their commanders tell them they are there to protect the civilians and liberate women from Taliban but the explanation doesn’t ring true.

Denmark joined the Judo-Christian Crusade against Muslim countries in the 1990 US invasion of Iraq. In April 1994, a Danish tank squadron arrived in Tuzla (Bosnia), and 1500 soldiers in Afghanistan in 2002. By the time Danish government realized its blunder in Afghanistan (2002-2014), it cost Danish taxpayers 15 billion kroner (two billion euros) and 43 soldiers.

In October 2015, Taliban liberated Kunduz, capital city of Helmand province. In return, US-NATO shot missiles at a clinic run by the Medicine San Frontieres (founded by French Jewish FM Bernard Kouchner in 1971 to serve as a French espionage network), killing 20 people including 9 foreign doctors and two children while wounding 30 civilians.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO head and former prime minister of Denmark is close ally of the US and the Zionist entity. He has visited Tel Aviv several times in both positions.

There’s no business like Shoah business,” says YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, established by Max Weinreich in Lithuania in 1925.

More than 70 movies and documentary on Jewish Holocaust have been produced so far to keep Whiteman’s guild alive. Holocaust Industry’s main purpose is to suck trillions of dollars and moral support for the Zionist entity. Since 1959 movie, The Diary of Anne Frank, 22 Holocaust movies have won at least one Oscar.


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