Hillary and Trump to address AIPAC conference

American ‘Kingmaker’ AIPAC has invited all presidential candidates to address its annual conference on US-Israel relationship on March 20-22. All of these Israel-Firsters attended the conference in 2008.

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton was the first one to accept the invitation followed by GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Bernie Sander has not announced his decision but I’m sure he cannot afford to miss an invitation from his tribe.

American Jewish journalist and author Max Blumenthal has authored a petition asking Bernie Sanders to reject AIPAC invitation to address the conference. Blumenthal has been accused of being a Zionist mole within Palestine Solidarity Movement. Blumenthal has accused both Gilad Atzmon and Alison Weir being anti-Palestinian. In 2012, Blumenthal resigned Lebanese Al-Akhbar news website over its pro-Assad policy.

The rock-star Roger Waters, who endorsed Sanders last month, has also urged Sanders to boycott AIPAC conference.

Robert Naiman, director Just Foreign Policy, has also sent a petition to Bernie Sanders urging him to address the AIPAC conference. “Bernie, please use your bully pulpit to tell AIPAC that Israel settlement are not Israel and that Israel should stop developing settlements on Palestinian (as if Israel is located on Polish or German land) and should end the blockade of Gaza,” Naiman said.

Bernie Sanders’ Jewish campaign manager Jeff Weaver has blasted fellow Zionist Jew, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (son of a Jew terrorist in Palestine), in order to win Black and Muslim votes.

Bernie Sanders has been very strong in condemning the Emanuel administration, Hillary Clinton has stood by him over the interest of the people of Chicago,” Weaver said.

In October 2015, Chris Hedges in a speech at Green Party, said that “despite claiming to stand-up for the oppressed, Bernie Sanders has betrayed his purported values by turning a blind eye to the Israeli oppression of Palestinian people.”

On February 12, 2016, Israel’s top English daily Ha’aretz said that among Israel-minded Jewish voters Sanders would get the J-Street vote. Hillary Clinton would garner AIPAC, and Trump would scrounge the leftovers.


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