Jews against ABC’s ‘Quantico’ TV show

American Jewish groups are collecting signatures for a petition calling on ABC to cancel its TV series Quantico because in certain cases it portrays Israel army and Jews as terrorists instead of Hizbullah and Muslims.

Morton Klein, president of Zionist Organization of America claims that Quantico in its episode-4 had accused Israel air force bombing Gaza greenhouses, while those million dollars worth greenhouses were built by European Jews on land stolen by Palestinians from Polish, German and Russian Jews centuries ago.

The American Broadcast Corporation (ABC) is part of Disney Media Networks, headed by Ben Sherwood, a Zionist Jew.

 The Quantico TV series is creation of Joshua Safran (born 1975), son of a Jewish-communist single mother, Claudia. He claims to be a practicing Orthodox Jew. He has visited the Zionist entity a few times. Safran and his American wife both feel most at home in Israel. Watch trailer below.

The TV show is named after FBI headquarter Quantico base in Virginia. It portrays FBI agents, trained by Israeli Mossad and military, involved in espionage, murder and sex, as good looking, liberated and sexy Americans.

Its cast includes Priyanka Chopra (former ‘Miss World’ and Bollywood Hindu actress), Josh Hopkins (Jewish), Jake McLaughlin (Jewish), Aunjanue Ellis (Jewish), Yasmine Al Massri (Lebanese Muslim), Johanna Braddy, James Tate Ellington (Jewish), Graham Rogers (Jewish), and Anabelle Acosta (Jewish).


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