Obama and Europe’s ‘S**t show’ in Libya

fish_clintonobama5001[1]US president Barack Obama in a recent interview he gave to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, former Israeli prison guard blamed British prime minister David Cameron (with Jewish family roots), former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (Jewish) and other European leaders for the current chaos in Libya, saying he had more faith in them being invested in the follow-up, given Libya’s proximity.

Obama acknowledged the problems faced by Libya since the fall of Qaddafi in 2011, referring to the situation as a mess – and in private as a s**t show.

“We actually executed this plan as well as I could have expected: We got a UN mandate, we built a coalition, it cost us $1 billion – which, when it comes to military operations, is very cheap. We averted large-scale civilian casualties, we prevented what almost surely would have been a prolonged and bloody civil conflict. And despite all that, Libya is a mess,” the lying-face Obama admitted.

Obama’s former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton (her son-in-law is Jewish) played a major role in the regime change in Benghazi. Hillary’s assistant Victoria Nuland’s bloody Jewish hands were all over US-NATO war on Libya.

Andrei Akulov called Victoria Nuland, The Bride at every wedding – from Libya to Ukraine.

Last month, American analyst Edward S. Herman claimed that Libya was destroyed by the US, UK, and other European leaders for Israel.

Israel is a major regional rival of Iran, and having succeeded in getting the United States to turn lesser rivals, Iraq and Libya, into failed states, it has been extremely anxious to get the United States to do the same to Iran. And Israel’s leaders have pulled out all the stops in getting its vast array of US politicians, pundits, intellectuals and lobbying groups to press for a U.S. military assault on Iran,” Herman said.


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