Why Israel is afraid of the ‘Axis of Resistance’

Canada-born David Frum (Zionist Jew), former speechwriter of former US president George Bush, a war criminal, coined the term Axis of Evil for Iran-Iraq-N. Korea in 2002. I never understood what the hell N. Korea had to do with Iraq or Iran. N. Korea has a few nukes while Iraq and Iran had none. N. Korea never supported PLO while both Saddam Hussein and Islamists in Tehran did.

Anyway, Dick Cheney and his fellow ZioCon (mostly Jewish) considered Saddam Hussein an existential threat to Israel. They exploited 9/11 terrorist attacks to fool the brainwash Yankees by blaming it on Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, and Syria for supporting terrorism against Western countries. However, Bush decided to start Zionists’ War on Islam by first invading Afghanistan with no tanks or military jets or even a single commercial plane, in October 2001 and then Iraq on Purim 2003.

In 2006, Palestinian interior minister Said Seyam coined the term Axis of Resistance – in an interview with Al Alam, naming Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hizbullah and Hamas for resisting US-Israel imperialism.

Congressman Bernie Sanders was right in opposing US invasion of Iraq. Because he feared that removal of Saddam Hussein, an American ally, would turn Iraq into an Iranian ally and enemy of Israel.

The UK’s former Foreign Secretary Lord David Owen agreed with Bernie Sanders’ fear. On December 16, 2011, in an Op-Ed at UK’s newspaper The Mirror, he claimed that American invasion and 8-year occupation of Iraq made Iran the winner.

American journalist and political commentator, Yuram Abdullah Weiler, in an interview with Iranian daily Tehran Times (March 5, 2016) predicted that Iran and its resistance partners will achieve more ‘diplomatic successes’ in the years to come.

Israel entity sees the strong alliance between Iran, Syria and Hizbullah as a potent counterforce possessing increasing capability to blunt the Zionist regime’s current regional hegemony, and secondly, and there is potential for the Iran’s economy – in concert with the economies of the other nations resisting the US domination, to undermine the US current petrodollar scheme and thus cause further economic decline in America,” he said.

On March 4, 2016, Sam Julius at Global Risk Insights, an Israeli propaganda website, said: Iran’s economic future appears bright, with circumstances conducive to regional superpower status by 2025.


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