Gulf states brand Hizbullah terrorist organization

syrianrebels1[1]On Wednesday, the Saudi-led six western Arab puppet regimes (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar), branded Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah, a Terrorist organization.

In order to punish Lebanese for their blind support to Hizbullah, Riyadh has canceled $3 billion aid to Lebanese government to buy French arms.

Saudi Arabia, the largest power in the GCC, said last week that it had blacklisted four companies and three Lebanese men for having links to Hizbullah.

The GCC first imposed sanction against Hizbullah in 2013 after its fighters joined Syrian forces to root out US-Israel-Saudi insurgency.

On September 30, 2012, a news-commentary website, Opinion Maker, claimed: The Saudi Royals are Traitors to Islam.

Hizbullah is classified a ‘terrorist organization’ only by the Zionist entity, Canada and the United states. European Union has designated only the armed wing of Hizbullah as a terrorist group.

In Zionist-occupied West, it’s customary to label Terrorist Organization every group that resists foreign occupation: by peaceful protests or by armed struggle – but not the occupation army supported by the West – for example, the Jewish Army.

As expected, the GCC boycott of Hizbullah is lauded by the Jewish-controlled media. However, it hardly effects Hizbullah; financially, militarily or in PR. The Islamic Resistance is mostly self-sufficient in all those sectors. Its annul operating and charity budget of $200 million is generated within the country. However, it does receive some funds from Iran but not from Iranian government. The funds come mostly from charity foundations supervised by the Supreme Leader’s office.

Hizbullah fighters receive military training and technical military support from the Islamic Republic. Hizbullah is known to train and supply some arms to Palestinian resistance groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Hizbullah has received not a single penny from the US, EU or Saudi Arabia. United States has given Israel more than $3 trillion in aid since 1970s. Saudi Arabia gave Israel $16 billion in aid during 2013-14.

Hizbullah challenged Israel’s invasion through the proxy South Lebanese Army beginning in 1982, until Hezbollah successfully repelled the occupation in 2000. Hizbullah became a legendary force among the Arab world because of its successful 18-year resistance to Israeli influence in Southern Lebanon. The group, from 1990 to 2000 slowly deradicalized, converting from a primarily resistance militia into a political party that now represents a leading part of the mainstream Lebanese politic. In 2006, Israel invaded Lebanon again. The invaders dispatched military forces and planted hundreds of thousands of US-made anti-personnel cluster munitions throughout Lebanon, exacting a gruesome toll on young Lebanese civilians, but the Israeli Defense Forces were unable to eradicate Hizbullah, due to the effectiveness of the latter’s guerilla tactics. Let’s not kid ourselves, Hizbullah defeated Israel in 2006,”Wahi Aza, a Middle East expert told Brian Becker (here).

Hizbullah started as a Shi’ite resistance group, but after its victories in 2000 and 2006, has become a national icon among both Muslims, Christians, Jews.

I don’t want to express solidarity with Hizbullah. I’m going to honor Hizbullah. They show discipline and courage that I respect,” Dr. Norman Finkelstein told Lebanese Future TV during his visit to Lebanon in January 2008.

Lebanese top singer Julia Boutros (Christian) is a great fan of Hizbullah. In 2013, she raised $2 million for Hizbullah. Listen to her song below.


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