Lobby: Iran should pay Jewish refugees from ME!

Bibi_Hitler[1]In August 16, 2015, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said at NBC’s Meet the Press that a nuclear deal with Iran would send $150 billion to Iran, even if it’s not approved by the Congress.

The problem is that the time I get there, they will have received $150 billion. Do you know if the deal get rejected they still gets the money? Which is something I found out a week ago. I couldn’t believe it. If the deal gets rejected, they still get all that money. Iran is going to be unbelievably powerful and unbelievably rich,” he said.

Trump’s $150 billion deal news came from Netanyahu and the Republican Friends of Israel. The Jewish myth was rejected by no other than Jacob J. Lew, Obama’s Jewish Treasury Secretary. “I am not going to say $56 billion is not a lot of money, but it’s not $150 billion, and it cannot be all used because they need to keep some foreign reserves to run their economy,” Lew said in response to Netanyahu.

The money in dispute is Iranian sale of oil and other good, frozen in foreign banks as result of UN-US sanctions, out of Iran’s reach. Estimates of the sum that could become available to Iran range from $29 billion to as much as $150 billion.

Well, the Holocaust vultures have come-up with an idea how to dip into the Iranian gold-pot.

On March 3, 2016, the JTA reported that Republican and Democrat lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require linking the claims of Jews from Iran and other Arab countries.

The bill introduced on March 2 requires an annual report to Congress explaining what steps the Executive Branch has taken to address the issue of displaced Jewish refugees, detailing any assistance the United States has provided in this effort, and offering recommendations as to what more can be done to ensure that the interests of all refugees are considered as part of any comprehensive and credible Arab-Israeli peace agreement. The bill was sponsored by two Jewish lawmakers, Reps. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla. It was authored by two Zionist-Jewish mafia organization – American Jewish Committee and B’nai B’rith International (here).

In February 2013, Israel Knesset established a lobby group, Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands, to campaign for getting compensation out of Arab assets in the Western banks.

The Jewish Lobby distorts US foreign policy in a number of ways. Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, enabled by US weapons and money, inflames anti-American attitudes in Arab and Muslim countries. The expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land makes a mockery of the US commitment to self-determination for Kosovo, East Timor and Tibet. The US strategy of dual containment of Iraq, Syria and Iran pleases Israel – which is most threatened by them – but violates the logic of realpolitik and alienates most of America’s other allies. Beyond the region, US policy on nuclear weapons proliferation is undermined by the double standard that has led it to ignore Israel’s nuclear program while condemning those of Pakistan,” says Michael Lind (Jewish) in April 2002.

If one read Jewish history from some objective source he will find out that Jewish communities were expelled from almost every European nation in the past. There is no historic record of Jews being expelled from any Muslim-majority nation where they took refuge to escape antisemitism from Christians.

The so-called ‘Exodus’ of Jews from Arab lands, an Israeli propaganda lie was rejected by Jewish historian Philip Mendes (Monash University) in 2002 study.

Jews left Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Morocco as result of terrorist activities by the European Zionist terrorist groups and their local members. The Jews left Algeria after the country got its independence from France as result of a bloody resistance.

Naeim Giladi, an Iraqi Jew, who as a youth worked for the Zionist mafia, and later lived in Israel and United States, tells how Zionist thugs terrorized Iraqi Jews to leave their ancestral land in order to populate the Zionist entity.

In 2013, Israeli historian professor Yigal Bin-Nun (Bar-Ilan University), in a study exposed Zionist lies about Jewish exodus from Morocco. Based on his study of Moroccan Jewish community, Bin-Nun claimed that Mossad, the national intelligence agency of Israel, was behind the whole operation wherein about 160,000 Moroccan Jews left Morocco for the Zionist occupied Palestine.

Iranian Jews (30,000) and Tunisian Jews (2,000) hate to immigrate to Israel.


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