Farrakhan: Hillary is a wicked woman

fish_clintonobama5001[1]On February 28, Louis Farrakhan, the leader of Nation of Islam, delivered a speech at Mosque Maryam in Chicago named after Jesus’ mother.

During his speech, he criticized former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton for their racism and warmongering against Muslim nations.

I don’t blame you for wanting a female president – but that’s a wicked woman,” said Farrakhan. Watch video below.

In 2008, Sen. Barack Obama’s senior foreign policy aid, Samantha Power (currently America’ ambassador at United Nations) called Sen. Hillary Clinton “a monster” (here).

Hillary Clinton has boasted that when it comes to foreign policy, her mentor is former US Jewish secretary of state Henry Kissinger. The man that Christopher Hitchens (Jewish) said should be tried for war crime in his book, The Trial of Henry Kissinger.

On June 24, 2015, the Jewish Daily Forward in an article claimed, “Hillary has enduring ties with Jewish people, who have funded her and her husband political careers.” Not only Hillary has Jewish family roots – Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton is married to Marc Mezvinsky, son of a Jewish hedge fund manager.

Farrakhan told the audience that none of candidates running for president should be trusted as they’re beholden to a foreign entity (Israel). He said that a civil war was going on in the Republican Party. The political establishment is threatened by Donald Trump for refusing to beg for Jewish money. Earlier in an interview with Alex Jones, Farrakhan had condemned Donald Trump over his lies against Muslims and Islam.

Farrakhan who visited Tehran last month to attend country’s 37th anniversary of Islamic Revolution, praised the country as a role model for other Muslim countries to follow.

Farrakhan also reminded the audience that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were false flag operations to demonize Muslims and Islam. Israel is only one that benefits from the tragedy.

On February 29, Jewish Supremacist lobbying group ADL released a “Guideline list” for the presidential candidates. It contains the names of 11 American ‘antisemites’, who must be avoided to receive Jewish funds and media support. Louis Farrakhan is one of them. The other ‘honored ones’ included Dr. David Duke, Andrew Anglin, Dr. Kevin McDonald, Matthew Heimbach, Rachel Pandergraft, Don Black, Jared Taylor, William Johnson, Lee Rogers, and the notorious Islamophobe Israel-Firster Richard spencer.

Pity, the Muslim convert Dr. Kevin Barrett, a 9/11 denier, did not make the list.


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