US analyst: Iraq, Libya and Syria destroyed for Israel

Three states that were independent and considered enemy states by Israel and many US policy-makers and influential – Iraq, Libya and Syria – have been made into failed states and may be in the process of dismemberment,” says Edward S. Herman, political economy analyst (here), February 27, 2016.

Bush-Blair invaded Iraq on Purim 2003 (March 19). Half-Jewish Sarkozy attacked Libya on Purim 2011 (March 20).

Philip Zelikow (Jewish), former presidential adviser and head of the so-called “9/11 Commission” admitted in 2004 that Iraq under Saddam Hussein did not pose a threat to the United States, but George Bush invaded and occupied the country because he was convinced by his Jewish and Zionist advisers that Iraq posed a threat to Israel.

In November 2011, French Jewish scholar and political activist, Bernard-Henri Levy told a meeting of country’s powerful Jewish Lobby (CRIF) that he convinced French president Nicolas Sarkozy to invade Libya as Qaddafi had to be removed because he became a threat to Israel.

What I have done all these months, I did as a Jew. And like all the Jews of the world, I was worried. Despite legitimate anxiety is an uprising to be welcomed with favor, we were dealing with one of the worst enemy of Israel,” said Levy.

Syria ruled by anti-Islam Ba’athists, never posed a threat to Israel as country’s former military dictator Hafiz Assad was an American ally against Egyptian Nasser and Islamic regime in Tehran. His son, Bashar al-Assad had refused to attack Israel to recover Syrian territory of Golan Heights occupied by Israel during 1967 war of aggression.

Zionist regime’s problem with Bashar al-Assad began when he allied his regime with Tehran to counter Israeli threat after the Soviet influence declined in the region after the Red Army’s defeat at the hands of Afghan Mujahideen.

After succeeding in destroying Iraq, top Arab socialist and oil rich state, in 2003 – the Jewish Lobby turned its Iraqi WMDs lies against Syrian regime for the benefit of the Zionist entity. The foreign insurgency in Syria since 2011 is only aimed to bring a regime change in Damascus that is more pro-Israel than Iran. The Zionist thugs believe that such move will isolate Iran within the Arab world and it would lose its supply line to Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah that gave a bloody nose to 30,000-strong invading Jewish army in 2006.


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