Donald Trump, KKK and ADL

f0d03-us_brownnosersGOP frontrunner Donald Trump, is hailed by Jewish media and so-called ‘Conservatives’ Christians for knowing so much about Muslim threat to western societies. However, now he is being chased by the same goons for not knowing much about anti-Black Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or Dr. David Duke or White Supremacy.

On Sunday, in an interview with CNN’s State of the Union Trump told host Jack Trapper (a Zionist Jew) that he didn’t know anything about former KKK leader David Duke.

Just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke, OK? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists,” said Trump.

All GOP presidential candidates competing against Donald Trump have blasted him for his bigotry. Every brainwashed American knows that David Duke is one of the most hated White Americans in Organized Jewry’s bible.

Democrat Bernie Sanders (a Zionist Jew) tweeted that “America’s first Black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn KKK.” In a show of solidarity, his opponent Hillary Clinton retweeted Sanders message to her pro-Israel sheep.

The pro-Israel Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in a statement on Sunday said that it will provide necessary information on KKK, David Duke and other anti-Israel groups – so that all candidates can be fully aware of these individuals and groups to have a more complete picture when determining whose endorsements they should accept or reject.

David Duke is not only a former leader of Jewish funded KKK but still admired by many Jewish writers and human rights activists like UK’s Paul Eisen. Watch an interview below.

David Duke, former US state representative from Louisiana visited Syria in 2005 and gave an interview in which is blamed Zionist Jews in Bush administration for the bloodshed in the Middle East. In 2006, he visited Islamic Republic and met former president Dr. Ahmadinejad at the Holocaust conference in Tehran. He has also appeared on Iran’s press TV (watch below). ADL condemned Duke’s both visits.

Last year, David Duke was interviewed by Fox News’ Alan Colmes (a Zionist Jew). When asked about the 47 GOP Senators’ threatening letter to Iranian leaders over US-Iran nuclear deal, David Duke replied: “Well, let me say, they should go to Israel, and if they’re not circumcised, they should get cut. Because they deserve it. I mean, this is insane. You know, the whole thing’s is insane. By the way it’s not like Obama versus Jews or the Jews versus Obama, it’s not all that. No president ever has bent over backward for the Jews ...”


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