US Professor: Israel behind 9/11, ISIS and Paris attacks

Joy KaregaDr. Joy Karega, is an assistant professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Oberlin College in Ohio. It’s one of the most prestigious institutes of higher education in the country. The Jewish Lobby has accused her of writing and sharing a series of Facebook posts claiming that Israelis were responsible for the 9/11, Paris terrorist attacks and the rise of ISIS.

Joy Karega shared a graphic shortly after the Charlie Hebdo shooting last year of a terrorist pulling off a mask resembling Benjamin Netanyahu. The terrorist has a tattoo with a Star of Zion and the acronym JSIL – a Jewish version of ISIL/ISIS. The picture includes graphic text implying that the murder of cartoonists was a false flag carried out as revenge for French recognition of a Palestinian state. In the accompanying status, Karega wrote, “This ain’t even hard. They unleashed Mossad on France and it’s clear why.”

JSIL[1]Last year, Karega claimed that Israeli and Zionist Jews were behind the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. She shared a blog post that embedded a speech by Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam, the most hated Afro-American leader by the Organized Jewry.

rothschild+pig[1]Karega is also accused of claiming that ISIS was created by the US for Israeli interests.

She also has accused Jewish Rothschild family for funding Israel Occupation Force (IOF) and illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Surprisingly, Oberlin College president Dr. Marvin Krislov (Jewish) has refused to be intimidated by the Organized Jewry pressure.

Oberlin College respects the rights of its faculty, students, staff and alumni to express their personal views. Acknowledgement of this right does not signal institutional support for, or endorsement of, any specific position. The statements posted on social media by Dr. Joy Karega, assistant professor of rhetoric and composition, are hers alone and do not represent the views of Oberlin College,” Krislov wrote on alumni Facebook page.

Last year, Wheaton College, known as Evangelic Harvard, fired its Black professor Larycia Hawkins for suggesting that Christian women should wear Hijab during Christmas holidays to show their solidarity with Muslim women against America’s anti-Islam culture. She claimed that Christian and Muslims  worship the same God.


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  1. we must KILL them all who wants this happening to be

  2. Rehmat, can you ask your commenters to post comments in intelligible English? Whom does Bart van etc want to kill?

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