York University attacked by Jewish Lobby

Since an Egyptian Muslim engineer, Dr. Mamdouh Shoukri, became president of Toronto’s prestigious York University in 2007, the pro-Israel supremacists have been crying WOLF.

This month’s two events at York made headlines at the Jewish-controlled media in Canada, the US and Britain. One was the International Israel Apartheid Week , and the other the so-called anti Israel mural at the Campus.

On Thursday, York University’s student Palestinian Solidarity Society commemorated the International Israel Apartheid Week – an annual event held over 150  university campuses around the world in solidarity with Native Muslim and Christian Palestinians struggle to recover their ancestral land occupied by the alien Jews. During the event at York University, the group staged two productions of “Seven Jewish Children – A Play for Palestine” – a 10-minute play by British playwright Caryl Churchill, 77, in response to 2008-2009 Israeli invasion of Gaza strip ruled by democratically elected Hamas.

If the play was not enough to raise Jewish Lobby blood pressure – according to the UK’s Jewish Chronicle (February 25, 2016), the Palestinian Solidarity Society is co-run by son of the pro-Hamas leader of British Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn. Tommy Corbyn, who is studying electrical engineering at York, is the society’s events manager.

The so-called ‘antisemitic’ mural on display at York since 2013, depicts a rock-holding Palestinian boy eyeing an Israeli bulldozer uprooting trees to make way for the establishment of new illegal Jewish settlement in the West Bank ruled by Shimon Peres’ Palestinian Gandhi (see below).

In January, film executive Paul Bronfman, a York benefactor, withdrew financial support from the university’s Cinema and Media Arts program over the mural, which he called anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-Canadian.

Earlier this week, Canadian Jew film producer Robert Ari Lantos, owner of Serendipity Point Films, criticized York University for a campus mural that he considers anti-Semitic.



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