Syria: US-Russia use ‘Ceasefire’ to break-up Syria

Three days ago when the US and Russia agreed to implement a ceasefire between the foreign insurgency and Syrian army, I knew US-Israel are losing war against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad based on Western military adventures in the past, such as, the Iraq-Iran, Bosnia-Serbia, and 34-day Israel-Hizbullah war in 2006.

When I heard that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and rest of the throat-cutters armed, trained, and financed by the US, Israel, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc. have agreed to cease their war on Syrian people for next two weeks starting from Saturday – I smelled skunk.

A few hours ago, I saw a skunk. CNN’s Pentagon mole, Barbara Starr (a Zionist Jew) claimed “Russia is using the ceasefire process to seize key Syrian territory.” In other words, Russia is taking-over Syrian territory that was seized earlier by ISIS aiming to Balkanize Syria for Israel.

On February 11, Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev (Jewish family roots) warned the US and its regional “willing allies” that if they dared to invade Syrian territory, it would be the beginning of WWIII.

Anyone familiar with western deception will tell you the US, Russia, UK, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia cannot be trusted when it comes to nations that believe Israel has no right to exist.

On February 19, Russian ambassador at United Nations Vitaly Churkin warned Syrian president Bashar al-Assad over its ambitions to recapture entire Syrian territory. “Russia has invested very seriously in this crisis, politically, diplomatically and now also militarily,” Churkin said. Sure, but only six months ago when Putin realized Hizbullah fighters are holding positions at Syria-Israel border.

On February 11, Syria Jewish expert at Israel Lobby WINEP, Andrew Tabler, told Kathy Gilsanan editor of Jewish The Atlantic that if Syrian army recapture country’s largest and strategically important Aleppo province with the help of Iran, Hizbullah and Russia – it would be a clear defeat of the US and its regional allies.

The blue-print of the five-year-old foreign insurgency is documented in Israeli diplomat Oded Yinon’s 1980 Yinon Plan that called for destabilization of Israel’s Arab neighboring countries on sectarian basis for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon, it said.


5 responses to “Syria: US-Russia use ‘Ceasefire’ to break-up Syria

  1. Don’t the KURDS deserve a country?.. or at least a semi-autonomous region in Iraq? The Turks won’t like that, but so what? ^..^

    • Don’t the 15% American Negroes deserve a country?
      Don’t Canadian Native Indian deserve a country?
      Don’t 220 million ‘untouchable’ Hindus deserve a country?
      Don’t European Gypsies deserve a country?
      Don’t the Black Jews deserve a country?

      Kurds already have a country, Kurdistan’ in southern Iraq which is protected by the US and Israel.

      “The quick-moving sands of the Middle East have shifted once again. Now Turkey and Israel stand once again at odds with one another, the Iraqi government is an Iranian proxy, and the US and Iran appear to be edging closer to each other. Out of the rubbles of devastation in the region we may yet witness the birth of a Kurdish state, to which Israel has been a helpful, if self-interested, midwife,” Inna Lazareva, Israeli journalist and political analyst, wrote in the October 2014 issue of Jewish STANDPOINT magazine.

  2. Anybody with any sense, realises that the totally engineered “civil war” in Syria was fomented by external forces opposed to Assad’s rule as part of a Zio-con strategy of divide and rule. Wikileaks revealed that regime change was long ago planned. Also it’s no secret that Israel has for a very long time aspired to its fascistic Eretz Yisrael objective that goes hand in hand with the regime change aims described.

  3. I think you are wrong on this one, Rehmat. The agreement specifically says that the ceasefire DOES NOT APPLY to “ISIS, Al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.” It matters not a whit if they hold their fire–which they might do hoping to avoid giving away their positions — or not. In his special communiqué (see The Saker), Putin said the Russians/Syrian army will continue to hit them. “Other terrorist groups” was a useful phrase in the agreement, allowing Russia to hit any anti-Assad militants not on the list as specifically ISIS, etc. Russia has nothing to gain and everything to lose form a partition of Syria and Putin knows it.

    • I’m sure you’re fooled by an Orthodox Christian propagandist like Saker. He couldn’t digest more than three of my comments on Putin’s butchery in Chechnya and Bosnia. Russian enmity toward Islam goes back over six centuries. It’s still occupying over six Muslim lands including Siberia, Chechnya and Crimea.

      Syria under Bashar al-Assad will remain a part of ‘Axis of Resistance’ and a big thorn in Israeli butts, which has always hurt Putin being a Crypto Jew communist and other Russian ‘Socialists’ who supported creation of Zionist cancer in Palestine instead of Uganda, Madagascar and Chilean Patagonia.
      Furthermore, Syria is home to Russia’s only Naval base in the region.

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