Jewish filmmaker: Israel is a ‘Fascist state’

Udi Aloni, American Jewish film director of award-wining film Junction 48 at the Berlin Film Festival last week called Netanyahu regime Fascist, and urged German government of Angela Markel to stop her military support to the Zionist entity.

In an interview hours before being presented with the Panorama Audience Award for his film, Aloni said Germany supported the fascist regime of Israel, according to Israel’s Channel 10.

Udi Aloni, 56, called the Zionist entity, democracy of White people and slammed Angela Markel support for Israel saying: “Markel doesn’t mention the occupation and sell submarines to Netanyahu to continue the occupation.”

Aloni later clarified his comments by saying that they’re directed against Israel’s criminal and radical government and not against the entity which he loves.

In contrast to the prime minister who spreads hatred, my movie spread and co-existence,” Aloni said.

The movie is based on the life story of Muslim Palestinian hip-hop legend Tamer Nafar who play Kareem in the movie. Nafar had called Israel a terrorist entity in the past.

The movie depicts the story of Palestinian rapper Kareem and his girlfriend Manar living in Lod, a poor town a few kilometres east of Tel Aviv where Arabs and Jews live side by side. Kareem, a young Palestinian musician, spends his days wandering aimlessly between casual office jobs and hanging out with his drug dealing mates. When a car accident kills his father and confines his mother to a wheelchair he finds refuge in the world of hip hop. At a concert his girlfriend Manar’s lyrics incite an attack from racist Jewish rappers and, in his neighbourhood, the government threatens to pull down a friend’s house. Kareem and Manar decide to use their songs to fight against the oppression of Israeli Jewish society as well as the violence that exists within their own conservative community for, dominated by a patriarchal sense of honour, this is a community that poses a threat to their bid for an independant life.

Israel has received five Dolphin-class submarines at cost of $2 billion (approximate) each. The sixth submarine is expected to be delivered in 2017. Israeli Navy has equipped these submarines with nuclear arms. All military arms purchased from Germany are paid partially by German taxpayers under 1953 reparations agreement between US-occupied West Germany and Israel for the Jewish Holocaust.

In addition to military aid German nation has paid over $93 billion as compensation to the ever-increasing Holocaust survivors.


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