Swiss, Azeri, S. African presidents visit Iran this week

Iran-Flag-128[1]Ilham Aliyev, president of Azerbaijan, a staunch ally of the Zionist Entity arrived in Tehran on Tuesday. This is Aliyev’s second visit to Iran after the presidency of “moderate” Dr. Hassan Rouhani. He traveled to Tehran in spring 2014 and held a meeting with Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatullah Ali Khamenei in addition to President Rouhani.

On Tuesday, Aliyev signed 11 memorandum to boost trade between the two countries. He also paid a visit to Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.

The Switzerland and South Africa presidents Johann Schneider-Ammann and Jacob Zuma will visit the country on February 27 and 29, respectively.

Johann Schneider-Ammann is heading a delegation of 40 Swiss investors. Swiss prime minister and foreign minister visited Tehran last year. In April 2015, a senior Swiss economic delegation, led by former Swiss ambassador to Tehran, Livia Leu, traveled to Iran for exploratory talks. She had said Switzerland held a good position in its relations with Iran and could compete with other countries in this regard. The visit had been made prior to the finalization of Iran’s nuclear agreement. Switzerland is one of the few European nations that didn’t bow-down to US-Israel pressure. It always maintained close diplomatic links with Tehran. It looked after United States interests in Iran since 1980 and Egyptian interests since 1990.

Last month, JUSO, the youth division of the Social Democratic Party, second largest Swiss political party, published a cartoon showing Johann Schneider-Ammann saying: “And one spoonful for the international finance lobby” as he feeds a large-mouthed man wearing a black coat and hat and side-locks, who is clutching the minister’s wrist. A boy with lighter hair sits on the minister’s other side while opening his far smaller mouth. Swiss Jewish Lobby representing less than 0.3% of country’s Jewish population demanded an apology from JUSO.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma will visit Iran on Sunday and Monday to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. Pretoria is considering building an oil refinery that will process Iranian crude to bolster its petrol supply and reduce its dependence on foreign companies. South African Vice-President Cyril Ramaphosa visited Iran in November, 2015.

Zuma has irked the Zionist regime by following his predecessor Nelson Mandela foreign policy when it comes to Iran and Palestine.

In 2014, Jewish press had accused Zuma of negotiating a secret deal with Vladimir Putin under which Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom will build 8 new nuclear reactors. Needless to say; it was the Zionist entity that not only helped the apartheid South Africa in its nuclear program, but even tried to sell nuclear bombs to South Africa. Nelson Mandela on becoming president decommissioned country’s nuclear facility.

Michael Ruben, a senior fellow at Israel advocacy group, American Enterprise Institute, has warned western leaders about the rise of Iranian influence in Africa’s 54 states.

Iran sees itself a pivotal state able to exert its influence not only in the Middle East, but also in South Asia, and not only in the Persian Gulf, but also in the Indian Ocean. Tehran’s diplomatic ambitions, however, may be considerably broader: Iran increasingly appears to be looking at Africa as fertile ground for expanding its influence. Iranian outreach takes many guises and is geared toward specific purposes, some diplomatic and others military,” lamented the Zionist Jew.


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